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  • The Gold Key Lite Token Flash Drive: Small and Effective
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The Gold Key Lite flash drive looks like something out of a James Bond movie, and could very well be the very flash drive that spies of the Bond sort use. The drive itself is encased in a golden shell, but it’s not the flashy exterior that has gained this drive a lot of attention. The Gold Key Lite Token flash drive offers users some nifty features that anyone will find useful – especially those looking to transport top-secret files.

The Simplicity of the Gold Key Lite Flash Drive

The great thing about the Gold Key flash drive is that it’s simple. Really, really, simple. To use the drive, simply insert it into you computer as you would any drive, but that’s not all this drive will do when inserted. After placing the drive in a computer, Windows will automatically start up. If you were to remove the drive, Windows would shut down. The purpose of this startup and shutdown process is to protect any files that are hidden on the drive. But before you can use this flash drive, there’s a bit of a setup process to go through.

In order to set up the Gold Key drive, you must first install the GoldKey Administration file that comes with the device. You will be prompted to wait while the drivers are installed on Windows (this process takes a few minutes to complete). Once the drivers have been installed, you will be asked to enter a password (or PIN). Make sure you choose a good PIN, and then proceed with the setup process. Note: if you forget your pin, you have just ten tries to remember it. After ten bad PIN combos, GoldKey erases all of the data that has been stored on the drive – how’s that for secure? This flash drive will create a 10GB secure drive from the start. You can add any four Windows files to that first secure drive right away. If you want to create other secure drives, this can be done with relative ease, though you can’t resize a drive once selected.

A nice added feature of the Gold Key is that the files you move from your Windows desktop into the encrypted drive don’t appear to be moved at all. For example, you can move your “Pictures” file into the Gold Key drive, but anyone who looks at your computer will still see that Pictures file on your desktop. If you remove the Gold Key from your system, those files will become inaccessible. It is also possible to encrypt any other file on your system by using a handy right-click feature. In short, this is one flash drive that doesn’t mess around when it comes to security.

Gold Key Flash Drive Pricing

You might think that the price of a highly secure drive like this one would be very high. Interestingly, the Gold Key flash drive is competitively priced at just $89, which might be higher than the average flash drive, but isn’t a high price to pay for such a secure device.