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  • Is GoodReader for Ipad Any Good?
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Electronic readers have cornered the book market. From Kindle to Nook, consumers can’t get enough of easily accessible books. Apple has recently entered the electronic book market with GoodReader. This iPad app can be purchased for a small amount ($5 at the time of this writing), and packs a large punch.

Those of you who are used to electronic readers will find Apple’s GoodReader especially appealing due to this app’s design. Aside from a sleek aesthetic, GoodReader is easy to use and it’s also Acrobat-compatible (an added bonus).

Acrobat Compatibility

So, what’s the big deal with Acrobat compatibility? Well, not only can you read a text with GoodReader, but you can also edit, mark, and do just about anything else with the help of this app. Thanks to Acrobat compatibility, Apple’s GoodReader app is perfect for students, professors, editors, writers, and anyone else who wants to add a note or comment to a text file.

Choosing to mark or edit a text is a cinch too. Simply select the editing options that you want to apply, and send your newly created file to another user via email or by dropping it into a virtual folder. The options are truly limitless when it comes to editing and creating new texts.

File Acceptance

GoodReader was designed based upon a good deal of thought, and that thought is evident. This app doesn’t discriminate when it comes to different types of files. Instead, GoodReader will accept any kind of file from Safari to Office files.

Further, GoodReader provides users with the option to convert files upon opening. Say, for instance, that you want to convert an Office file quickly and painlessly. Just allow GoodReader to convert the file for you, and you’re on your way to a whole new text. Files can be converted to PDF and back within the blink of an eye, which makes sharing and marking files a snap.


Finally, someone has invented a reader that’s easy to use. The GoodReader app doesn’t complicate matters. Instead of looking at an array of menus and buttons when attempting to do anything with a file, GoodReader puts the control at the tips of your fingers. Tap the screen once to navigate a document.

Tap the bottom of the screen to share or view a document. Tapping is the name of the game when it comes to the iPad, and GoodReader makes good use of this tactile function. You can also transfer files from your desktop, via a service such as DropBox, or through WiFi.

The GoodReader Bottom Line

GoodReader isn’t good. Instead, this app is excellent. There are very few bad things to say about GoodReader, though no app is perfect. When searching for drawbacks, I came across only one. It’s hard to get GoodReader to integrate with other iPad apps.

Seemingly, the reading app that can synch with almost any other program on the planet would work with Apple’s own apps. Yet, this is the one area that GoodReader developers overlooked. Aside from this flaw, GoodReader is, in the eyes of this reviewer, perfect.