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  • The New Google Calculator: Now Added to Search
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How many times have you searched for the word “calculator” using Google? Better question: how many times have you just entered an equation into the Google search bar? Entering an equation will result in the answer to your equation (go ahead and test it out, I’ll wait) at the top of the search screen in bold numbers. Starting today, you will receive that trusty result, but you will also see a large blue calculator at the top of the search screen (it’s really hard to miss!).

Google has decided to provide users with the calculator, so that you can figure out how the search engine arrived at that equation. Or, maybe Google just wants you to have access to a calculator, so that you can stop searching for “calculator” every time you want to know the answer to an equation (sorry calculator sites, Google has killed your traffic for good). Is it easy to use this calculator? Here are the details:

Google New Calculator Interface

Unless you have no idea what numbers to hit or what kind of operation you need to complete, using a calculator of any kind is easy enough. Well, the same goes for Google’s calculator. When tested using a laptop, the Google Calculator was simple enough to use and was very responsive. In addition to working on a laptop or desktop, the new Google Calendar also works on your smartphone. Just search for that equation using the Google search engine, and you will come up with the same blue calculator you see on your laptop or desktop screen.

Google has made using the new calculator easy enough. Google has even made it possible to calculate an equation using voice, and this feature works well too. So, why has Google created a calculator? Google just wants to make searching easier, and what could be simpler than having your own personal calculator available on-screen? Who knows, operating systems may not even come with a calendar in the future, now that Google has created a completely useful and free one!

Testing Google’s Calculator Out

If you use Google to browse as most of the world does, go ahead and type any equation into the Google search bar. In an instant, you will see the Google calculator pop up in addition to the answer to your original equation. It’s nice to see Google going back to its search routes, since the company has really been moving away from search lately in order to pursue other avenues. Yet, Google is one company that never really lets any facet of its business wither away, and that’s a positive thing.

So, now I’m just curious to know: will you use the new Google calculator? Or, is this feature something that should have been kept in the “Google Past” files? That’s right, Google attempted to add a calculator feature once before, but that didn’t work out so well due to a number of glitches and problems. Hopefully, Google’s new calculator will prove to be much more useful than previous attempts. If you’ve tested out the new Google calculator, let me know what you think.