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  • Send a Google Call from Santa
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You have to hand it to Google, this company always finds a way to innovate. In fact, innovation is what keeps companies like Google (and Apple, for that matter) ahead of the pack. Google is always coming up with fun ways to get people to recognize (and enjoy) the Google brand.

So, it should come as no surprise that Google is taking full advantage of the holiday spirit by offering kids (and adults too, I suppose) a chance to hear from Santa Claus.
This year, if you have a bit of extra time, you can send the kids in your life a phone call from Santa. Through excellent Google development, you can even customize this phone call, so that the recipient really believes they are hearing from Santa. Not only will sending a call of this sort light up someone’s day, but you can do it all for free directly from the right Google page (listed below).

Testing it Out

After testing out the Google Santa call option, I found that Santa Calls are a lot of fun to send. In addition, Google has made it entirely possible for you to prank call some of your friends or loved ones (in fact, it seems as though Google has encouraged this behavior). How does it all work? Well, the premise behind sending a Santa Call is simple, and the whole process takes just a few moments to complete.

Once you head to the Google Santa Call page, you will be asked to fill in some important details. You have to tell Santa who has asked Santa to send a call, who is receiving the call, what that person wants for Christmas and some other fun details. You can then preview your phone call, correct any problems, and enter both your phone number and the number of the person who Santa is supposed to call. Once you push that “Send” button, your call will be entered into a queue of Google Santa Calls, and your recipient will receive the call right away. Here’s the Google Santa Call Link: http://www.sendacallfromsanta.com/.

Free For Some

The Google Call Santa site is free for people who live in the United States and Canada. The call comes through from the recipient’s phone number, and there is a bunch of Google legal stuff to read before you send any phone call. You may want to check to make sure that your phone number won’t be sold or anything else, but, hey, it’s Google, and if Google really wants to sell your phone number, it’s not that hard to do, right?

If you happen to have someone on your holiday list (Santa sends messages to people who don’t celebrate Christmas too) that would love a call from Santa, now is a good time to head to that link listed above. Keep in mind that this service is fun, free, and ready to use whenever you want to make someone’s day much brighter. If you love Santa, fun, and Google, now’s the time to check that list twice!