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  • Google’s Chrome 15
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When Mozilla’s Firefox entered the search scene, Explorer went out the window. Then, Google Chrome came along. Chrome was shiny, new, and different. Avid Chrome users may think that Chrome can’t possible get any better, but now that Google Chrome 15 is on the scene, things are really looking up. Google is no stranger to understanding what people want. As such, Google has listened to those who use Chrome.

The new Chrome 15 comes with some very innovative features that are hard to pass up. Even if you still use Firefox or you are stuck on (is this possible?) Explorer, there’s no denying that Google has really raised the bar with Chrome 15. So, what does the newest version of Chrome have to offer users that other browsers can’t contend with? Here’s a quick look.

It’s All About the Apps

Google Chrome is a browser, but it’s also a browser that could be confused with a smartphone. Why? Chrome 15 is all about apps. Switching from one app to the next after opening a new page is as simple as clicking on arrows located to the side of your Chrome screen. As soon as a new page is opened, all of the apps and sites that you like to visit will appear in the form of icons.

Selecting a different app is as simple as choosing an arrow towards the side of the page or selecting an app from the listings at the bottom of the page. Much like a smartphone, it is now possible to drag and drop apps in order to rearrange these icons. If there’s an app that you no longer use, simply drag it to the bottom right side of the screen where a trash can will appear, and you can throw away any unwanted app. If this sounds a lot like your favorite smartphone, you aren’t mistaken. Google knows that most of the world now owns a smartphone, and setting up a browser to act like a smartphone is a great way to connect with the smartphone crowd.

Chrome Web Store

Again, taking its cue from smartphones, Google has now created a Chrome Web Store. If you want to find an app that you don’t have, just head to the Web Store. You’ll find plenty of great apps and games to occupy your time at this store. Just like your smartphone, you can purchase an app or download an app for free.

Once you have chosen an app, that app will appear in every new Chrome window that you open. In short, you’ll never have to look for another site or app again. Really, Google is simply trying to make finding everything that you need and use on a regular basis easy. In this manner, Chrome 15 wins the race. In fact, Chrome 15 is so slick Firefox can’t touch this newest addition to the Chrome family.

Bugs and Such

As with any browser update, Google has fixed some problems and bugs that Chrome users once experienced. For those who were frustrated with the previous Chrome version, this newest addition to the Chrome family will prove useful, quick, and helpful. If you aren’t already a Chrome fan, now’s the time to jump on the Google bandwagon.