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  • Google to Combine Gmail and Google Plus Contacts
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How do you feel about combining all of your G+ and Gmail contacts in one place? This is what Google is currently working on in order to make accessing all of your contacts easier. Google will make this connectivity happen by syncing contacts across Google+ and Gmail.

Information Quickly

With the new combined contact service, you will be able to pull up information about all of the people that you connect with on Google Plus. Things like name, job title, and any other information (including a photo) will pop up when you attempt to access this information. The service will also loop in contact information including things like the last time you spoke to a person, and what kinds of interactions you’ve had with that person in the past.

The idea here is to make getting contact details across all Gmail and Google Plus contacts simpler, so that you can learn everything about a contact simply by looking at the contact details Google provides. Google’s new tool will also let you combine details about a contact if you have duplicate information about the same person.

Coming Soon

Google hopes to launch the new service within the next few weeks, and all Gmail users will have access to this service at that time. Google’s aim here is to make finding contacts simpler, but some people may not love the idea of combining Gmail and Google Plus contacts since the two services are so different. Then again, if you want to contact someone via Gmail that is included in your Google Plus list, the new contacts option could be really useful.

Google isn’t really the first company to try and give users information about a particular user in one quick glance. Various other apps have also attempted to give people fast access to a person’s entire profile, though most of those have largely fizzled out. Google might be one company that can do it, but we’ll have to wait and see if this new service is useful or another option that most people won’t use.

Ways to Store Contacts Quickly

If you don’t use Google products like Gmail or Google Plus, you can still keep the details about contacts at hand. There are numerous apps out there like Fast Contacts that can keep tabs on all of your contacts, and can provide you with details like birthdays, recent meetings, and other small notes that can come in handy when meeting with someone. If you happen to be a business card collector, you can use an app that lets you snap a photo of cards, and then store all of those details in your phone or tablet.

Check out the Android store or Apple store for details about apps that can easily and usefully store contacts. The Google initiative is great for those that use Google products, but combining all of your contacts (even those that aren’t part of your Google lists) will make life easier in the long run. You can expect to see the new Google contact option this week if you live in the US and use Gmail.