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  • Google Creates Doc Lock
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Internet security is vital. Apple has recently learned this lesson. Google is following suit. Google has recently created a Google Docs lock. This locking option will prevent users who share a Docs file to accidently change cells. For Google Doc users, keeping these details safe from unwanted changes is important. Further, proving to Google Docs users that Google takes security (of any kind) seriously is critical. If you use Google Docs, here’s a quick rundown of how you can lock any Doc.

How to Lock a Google Doc

After opening up a Google Doc, highlight the cells that you want to lock. Then, right-click and choose the “Named and Protect” option. From there, select the “Protect” option. Finally, choose “Done.” From that point on, all of the cells that you effectively locked will be impossible to change. If you would like some people to be able to edit a Doc, you can make these changes by accessing the Permissions setting and customizing accordingly.

These new changes to Google Docs will help Docs users figure out who has changed a portion of a Doc text. The Google measures are also really helpful when trying to avoid unnecessary or unwanted Docs changes. Accidents can happen, but a lot less cells will be changed and erased if you have some control over locking your Docs. Not only has Google added the new locking feature, but the Internet giant has also decided to provide Docs users with lots of colorful options.

Google Docs Steps Out of the Black and White

Until this point, Docs users could not change the black and white Docs cells. Now, Google Docs users can alter the color of cells and change the way that a Doc looks. Users can alter border colors and patterns, which isn’t necessarily a vital change, but it makes using Google Docs a lot more fun. Plus, being able to change the look of a Doc will make it easier to keep track of certain color coded cells. But that’s not all that Google has done with Docs.

One More Google Docs Update Available

Google has also made it possible for users to search certain Docs terms. This new feature called “Regular Expressions” will allow Docs users to find cells that contain the same letters or names. This feature will be especially useful when looking at a person’s work record or trying to find a recurring pattern in a Doc. Google Docs is all about keeping records straight, and Google isn’t about to let Docs run into the ground. After all, Google Docs is used by thousands of people all over the globe, and this Google creation is quite popular.

So, there you have it. You can now lock a Google Doc, change the color of a Google Doc, and find any recurring details within a Google Doc. That’s a lot of changes coming from Google! Then again, Google is one company that continuously updates its products – much to the satisfaction of millions of Google users!