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  • Google Drive Now Updated (iOS and Android)
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Google has just updated its Google Drive iOS and Android apps. Using Google Drive, it is now possible to create, edit, and share docs. These new features are meant to give Google Drive users easier access to Google docs from an Android or iOS device. It’s clear that Google has spent a good deal of time perfecting the apps, and that Google wants to be your number one cloud resource.

Only, Google might not have hit the nail on the head this time around. At the end of this article, you will see that some iOS users aren’t thrilled with the new updates. Then again, these updates have just surfaced, so Google does have some time to change things around. Let’s begin with what Google has been working on:

New Sharing Features

It is now possible to upload all kinds of documents to Google Drive using the free Google app. Users can share videos, photos, and almost any other kind of file. This was not a possibility prior to the new Google Drive update. If you want to find out who had been editing a Google Document, iOS users can now see changes in real time. iOS users can also create and move files from one device to another using Google Drive.

Essentially, Google has made sharing Google Documents easier than ever before. In the video that Google recently posted, the company demonstrates how simple it is to share files, upload videos and photos, and to make changes to documents (even spreadsheets) from any tablet or phone. In case you aren’t familiar with Google Drive, this cloud-based service is Google’s answer to sharing and storing all kinds of documents. Google Drive is also free up to 5 GB.

Android Users Have Exclusive Features

It wouldn’t make much sense for Google to provide iOS users with more features than the ones that Android users have access to. Google has given Android users some additional features by including exclusive ways for Android users to make comments, view tables, and reply to comments. These are features that iOS users do not have access to at the moment.

It’s possible that Google will further update the Google Drive iOS app to include these features, but the company would then have to add additional Android features – always keeping Android users ahead of the curve is within Google’s best interests. Even if you aren’t an Android user, the new Google Drive features are, indeed, worth checking out. Google Drive has done relatively well since its inception last year. This is largely due to the fact that Google Drive provides Google users with a way to keep documents in one place.

Some Reviews

Some iOS users have already reported on the new Google Drive features. Thus far, those reviews aren’t overly positive. Seemingly, there are still some major glitches that Google needs to work out. If you have an iOS device and you want to check out Google Drive, let me know what you think of the new app updates. For some, Drive’s new updates make a good deal of sense. For others, Google still needs to work on perfecting what Drive is offering when it comes to iOS.