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  • Google Fiber: Now With New Channels
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This past July, Google introduced Fiber TV. Initially, the new Google TV intrigued journalists and consumers alike. Then, something was realized. Google’s new TV channel lineup was lackluster. All the major networks that people like to watch weren’t included or available through Fiber TV. Google’s idea was dead in the water. Now, Google has finally added some additional channels to the Fiber TV lineup. Google announced today that CNN, TBS, Cartoon Network, and TNT are now available through Google Fiber. Google also announced that Fiber will soon include major network hits such as HBO (arrival date is unclear at this time).

So far, Google has a total of 200 channels in its Fiber lineup. Google is also offering Fiber TV at a very competitive $120 per month price. Right now, Google’s Fiber TV is only offered in the Kansas City area. However, Google does have plans to bring the TV service to other cities within the U.S. soon. In case you missed the July announcement, here’s what Google’s Fiber TV is all about.

What Is Fiber TV?

Essentially, Fiber TV is Google’s answer to cable television. Google’s Fiber TV offers 1 gigabit-per-second uploads and downloads, and acts as both an Internet and cable TV service. The speeds that Google is currently offering make Fiber TV much faster than the service that most Internet and cable companies are able to offer. Add to this a $120 per month price tag for both Internet and TV, and you have a service that’s really tough to beat.

The Google Fiber TV device is a cross between a cable box and DVR recorder. The Google Fiber box comes with the $120 sign up deal. Google’s Fiber TV also comes with lots of on-demand shows and movies, much like Apple TV. The difference here is that Google Fiber is faster and includes Internet. Up until today, though, Google didn’t have a lot of success enticing consumers who were curious about Fiber TV due a lack of interesting programming. Now that Google has most of the major networks on board, the search company may just snag some of that cable and Apple market.

Cable Companies Beware (?)

Is Google really a threat to cable and Internet companies? That all depends on how you look at it. Right now, Google has installed fiber cables throughout the Kansas City area. The installation of this fiber is expensive on its own, and Google does not currently have the clientele to offset the expense.

But, that doesn’t mean that Google will not gain additional clientele within the next few months – or, if Google does make it to other cities. Many consumers will likely pounce on a service that offers on-demand shows and movies, comes with super high speed Internet, and includes more than 200 channels. Plus, Google does have a reputation for being a small company (not necessarily true) that takes care of its loyal customers.

Since Google has just added the aforementioned major networks to its lineup, it’s tough to say how well the Fiber service will spread over the next few months. But, if Google comes to your town soon, it might be hard to pass up that $120 month cable plus Internet offer.