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According to the WSJ, Google is working on a new gaming console based on Android. The company is also working on a new wristwatch, and both products should be available this coming Fall. Google is looking to make its Android OS even more popular by creating various items like the new console and wristwatch. Why the rush to push additional Android items? It could have something to do with Apple.

Competition Heats Up

Apple has been announcing a few new products lately including the much anticipated iRadio. Apple is also fairly gifted at pushing the Apple brand as much as possible, and this is a selling tactic that Google wants to adopt. Google is also rumored to be gearing up to release its streaming device called the Nexus Q.

The Nexus Q was officially unveiled last year, but the device was never sold to the public. Now that Apple is entering the streaming arena (and Pandora is really leaving a gaping hole in the market thanks to music industry disputes), Google wants a shot at this market too. Google will be designing and marketing all of these devices itself, which is a change for the company.

Building on Android

Since its release in 2008, the Android operating system has been widely popular. Google wants to piggyback on Android's success by using the Android OS name to create other devices. Designing and marketing the devices in-house will also give Google a better overall ROI. The one interesting device that is set to be released by Google is the new proposed gaming console.

It's no secret that Android games are hugely popular, so a console that goes along with these games makes some sense. But, can Google get into the gaming space that's largely dominated by the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo? So far, Android games have grown faster than recent games released by the big three, and that's what Google is banking on. Could Apple be getting into the console game too?

Will Apple and Google Jump Into the Gaming World?

It seems like everywhere that Apple and Google go, millions of fans follow. Might this be the case when the two companies make a move into the gaming console world? But, wait, is Apple working on a new console? It seems that way. Speculations that Apple is developing a new gaming console to go along with the next release of Apple TV are exceedingly high. Apple has yet to comment on the rumors, so that means it's true (likely!).

Incidentally, Google has also been working on developing its own handsets. It's clear to see that the company is working on creating more of its own devices and contracting out less. What will the Google console look like? How about Google's new watch?

And, while we're at it, what about Google's new streaming service? There are a lot of devices coming up from Google, so keep your eyes on this blog for more details. As Google releases images and facts, I'll keep you posted.