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  • Google's New iOS Keyboard
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Here’s something you don’t hear every day: Google is developing a keyboard for iOS. Google has been working on this keyboard for some time now, though press just heard of the new keyboard in recent days. So what is Google planning to do that will make the Google keyboard for iOS unique?

The Google for iOS Keyboard Details

Just like Google’s keyboards for Android, the new iOS keyboard will have the same swipe motions. If you’re not familiar with Android keyboards, these keyboards allow users to simply swipe a finger across the keyboard letting Google guess the word or sentence that a user is trying to put together. This will likely be the same with the Google keyboard for iOS.

Google might also build in features that would connect iOS users directly with Google’s search engine. The development of this keyboard might provide Google with a number of users that the company could not reach before, since many iOS users are currently using Safari. In many senses, the development of a Google keyboard for iOS will give the company an extended user reach.

Other Details Built In

Another really useful feature will be a built in Google logo that can be tapped to instantly search the Internet using Google. Again, this feature will provide a fast way for iOS users to search the Internet with Google. Another great feature is a fast button for image search and GIF search.

Both of these things will make users a lot happier when it comes to finding stuff on Google - Android users may already be familiar with some of these keyboard features, but this will all be new hat to iOS users. This is not the first time, though, that a third party has attempted to make a keyboard for iOS.

Will It Work?

So far, third party keyboards built for iOS haven’t panned out that well. iOS users seem to prefer the keyboard that is built into iOS devices. Often, third party options aren’t well built and do not integrate with iOS well, which is why most of these keyboards haven’t been widely adopted by iOS users.

Google’s iOS keyboard has been in use with Google staff for many months now and so far it’s working well (Google reports), but that does not mean that iOS users will quickly adopt it or adapt to it. Whether or not the new Google keyboard will actually become a popular iOS keyboard option remains to be seen.

Release Date and Other News

Google has not announced a release date yet, but I’m expecting this new Google keyboard for iOS to appear sometime within the next month or so. From all things heard on the Google end, it seems as though Google has this keyboard up and running and ready to go, so it really shouldn’t be too long before Google releases this iOS keyboard option.

There are some distinct differences between the new iOS keyboard and the keyboard that Android users are currently used to, so keep that in mind as well.