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  • See the World Through Google Glasses
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Who needs rose colored glasses when you can have Google glasses? Various sources have reported that Google is working on a pair of glasses that look a lot like sunglasses but come with constant Google Maps content. If you’ve ever been lost in a strange town or tried to follow Google Maps directions while looking for a location, you might be able to see why a pair of Google Maps-specific glasses would be a great thing.

Google hasn’t released any information about these glasses yet, so I can’t tell you how much they are or when they will be available for public purchase, but the idea of a pair of Google Maps glasses is interesting all the same. What might these glasses look like and who would use them? Seemingly, the answers to these questions are futuristic, to say the least.

The Look of Google Maps Glasses

The UK-based Telegraph reports that Google would partner up with Oakley to produce some very science-fiction based glasses. Sources say that the proposed Google glasses would look a lot like Oakley’s current Thump shades. Inside of the glasses would be a type of navigation system in addition to small cameras that can capture anything a user is looking at. These inclusions would help wearers find their way amidst a new city or confusing streets. Can you see yourself walking around with a virtual map in front of your eyes? More importantly, could these glasses cause a good deal of confusion (and, perhaps, some accidents)?

If you’ve walked down a crowded city street lately, you might have noticed that many people often have their heads down while walking. Why? Staring at smartphones and texting while walking is the main reason why most people ignore the outside world. In addition, many people often wear headphones and listen to music while navigating the city streets. Both of these distractions combined have led to various accidents involving both pedestrians and drivers. It seems as though a pair of darkly shaded glasses that provide virtual Google Maps street views would simply add to current distractions. However, the Google glasses mentioned here have not yet hit store shelves, and there’s a possibility that you may never get your hands on these Google wonders.

Maybe Just for Fun

Some additional sources report that the new Google glasses may never see consumer shelves. Sometimes, companies like Google experiment with new devices just for the fun of it. Were there a market for glasses that displayed virtual Google Maps, Google might send these glasses to a store near you. So, it seems, the decision is largely up to Google users.

Would you use these glasses were they to be sold at your local electronics store? Of course, you’d also have to consider the price of glasses like these. There’s no doubt that it would cost a lot to manufacture Google Maps sunglasses, but this might be a price that some consumers are willing to pay. For now, you’ll have to sit back and consider how much fun it might be to don a pair of Oakley-built Google glasses…and dream about the day when these glasses come your way.