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  • Google Maps for iPhone in the Works
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Apple made a big mistake when ditching Google Maps. A mistake that iPhone users aren’t happy about. Apple’s own Apple Maps is a far cry from what Google took years to master, prompting iPhone users to seek out a Google Maps for iOS. Only, there is no Google Maps for iOS app – yet. Today, Google announced that a Google Maps for iOS is in the works.

Once this news hit tech bloggers, a popular question arose: would Apple allow Google Maps to post its new iOS app in the App Store? Most assumed that Apple would never allow Google Maps access to iOS. After all, there’s little doubt that every iPhone user on the planet would ditch Apple Maps and go straight for Google Maps. But, a smart Cnet writer has put it all into perspective.

Apple Isn’t Likely to Deny Google Maps

That headline about sums it up. As Casey Newton over at Cnet pointed out earlier today, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, encouraged iOS 6 users to use another mapping service. One of the mapping companies that Cook mentioned earlier was Google. Therefore, it would be quite hypocritical of Cook to deny Google’s new map app. It’s also worth pointing out that when Apple does finally create a great Apple Maps, openly allowing users to compare it to Google Maps will work in the company’s favor.

So, fear not, Google Maps fans. Apple will allow Google to showcase its Google Maps for iOS in the Apple Store. Finally, the iOS world will have a way to get around town and access bus schedules quickly once again. When will Google Maps for iOS appear in the app store? Google has announced that the app will be ready by the end of this year. I know, that’s a long time to wait, but it’s certainly better than dealing with Apple Maps the rest of your iPhone days.

In the Meantime

What can you do about the horrid Apple Maps in the meantime? I don’t recommend taking a stroll while relying on Apple Maps. But, there are some other mapping apps in the Apple Store that will get you where you need to go. Granted, none of these apps are as great as Google Maps. Still, if you are desperate for a good map app give one of these a try:

Bing Maps: Microsoft’s Bing Maps is often disregarded, though it should not be. This map app is really quite reliable. Bing’s map app also comes with bus schedules, routes, and lots of walking details. Bing has also included a great movie feature: find out when movies are playing and see reviews using this map app. Bing Maps is the closest thing you will get to Google Maps on iOS. Bing Maps is free to use.

MapQuest: the other iOS map app that I’d recommend is MapQuest. Remember AOL? Well, AOL’s MapQuest is a good map app. You’ll find current gas prices, voice controlled turn-by-turn directions, and lots of other great features are part of MapQuest. This app is also free.