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  • Google Maps Gets A Makeover
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Google Maps is getting a facelift, according to a Mashable report. Google is updating Maps, so that the app focuses more on the map aspect of the app. By getting rid of sidebar information and including pop-ups, Google's Maps will look a whole lot sleeker. Here's what you can expect from the newest version of Google Maps.

Pop-Ups and More!

Previously, Maps included lots of sidebar information. This information was helpful, but looking at sidebar details can also be difficult. Now, Maps will let you see all of those former sidebar details right on the map you are looking at with the help of pop-ups. Instead of looking to the sidebar for information, all you have to do is look directly at a map. Doesn't that make life much easier?

Aside from pop-ups, the new version of Google maps will also include local search filtering. This is going to be a big hit, since most people search locally -- but that's not all. You can search locally AND select destinations according to reviews. What reviews? General Internet reviews and reviews created by your Google+ friends. How's that for personalization? Google has also added some new colors and variations to the Maps app, so that's something to check out too.

Other Features Coming?

Google has not yet commented on the new updates, so more features might be in the pipeline soon. For now, the updates that have been announced sound like great ones. Since Maps is such a popular app (the iPhone world nearly cried when Apple ditched Maps recently), these new features are certain to be a huge hit.

The new Google Maps looks slightly crowded (some criticism) with the many different pop-ups that appear. Otherwise, the updates are really nice to look at. How will the Maps app look on a smartphone screen, though, I wonder? Sometimes, looking at an app with lots of pop-ups can feel really crowded when viewing a map through a smartphone screen. It will be interesting to see how Maps users adhere to the new features.


As always, the new Google Maps will be free to use. But, when will the features arrive? Right now, Google has posted some screenshots of these new features on the official Google blog, but no release date has been listed. Seemingly, these changes will take place as soon as possible, but that may mean the end of this week or later.

Either way, I will keep you posted on the new updates, and I'll let you know when they will arrive on your tablets and phones. Google is great at updating its apps, and the new Maps update is just another way that Google is keeping users happy.

What do you think about these new updates? Are you a happy Maps user? Are you frustrated about the iPad Map situation? Any thoughts at all? Sound off below! I'm betting that these new updates are going to be great! There are a lot of maps out there, but Google Maps still trumps them all.