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  • Google Maps Gets An Update
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You already use Google Maps to find your way to an unknown address or to tell a lost cabbie where to go, so why not use Google Maps to discover the fastest way to get to your destination? Google Maps has just gained an added feature that most people will find both helpful and innovative. The “fastest route” feature lets Google Maps users know which route will help them arrive at any location sooner.

Taking advantage of real-time traffic data, the new Google Maps will lead you right where you want to go, and you won’t have to sit stuck in traffic for hours just to get there. Since this data is in real-time, a refreshed Maps feed will provide you with all the details you need about the current traffic conditions. Innovative, helpful, and entirely Google – just the way the world likes it.

Where Google Maps Traffic Data Is Derived From

Where does Google Maps get all of its live data? A majority of the data that Google will use to update the traffic feature of Google Maps will be taken from third-party sources. This means weather and traffic updates in addition to details gained from Google Maps users like you (well, like you if you have an Android phone). Using the “check-in” system that many other live feed apps use, Android users can let Google know which route is the fastest and which one to avoid. By gathering up all of this data, Google will constantly refresh the Google Maps feed, so that you get the latest information.

Of course, it’s not a good idea to use your phone while you are driving, but that’s a given, right? If you have a moment to check your phone before you leave for that next dinner, party, or dinner party, you can find out how you’ll get where you want to go in an instant. This new Google Maps feature is helpful to say the least, and it’s just another way that Google keeps updating its current services.

Giving Google Props

You might not be an Android fan and you may hate Google Plus, but you have to give Google some recognition. This is one company that continues to improve their existing services. Even though Google could easily drop Google Maps, Docs, Gmail, and other services that the company offers, this never happens. Instead, the Google team is always looking for ways to make consumers happier. Often, as is the case with Google Maps, this includes listening to what consumers want (like more live traffic information).

If you have an Android phone, make sure to add your two cents to the new Google Maps traffic data, every bit of information helps! If you don’t have an Android phone, you can still take advantage of the new service that Google is offering. Just head to Google Maps and follow the prompts for the new live traffic feed. As always with Google, this new feature is completely free for the world to use.