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  • Google’s Mod_Pagespeed 1.0 Update
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Google’s Mod_Pagespeed was first released in 2010. Since then, Google has been working to perfect the webpage accelerator. Mod_Pagespeed is an open-source Apache module that increases website download speed. Mod_Pagespeed also optimizes websites (including photos) automatically. A number of massive websites already run on Mod_Pagespeed, but Google has made some new adjustments. Google’s goal with Mod_Pagespeed is to make the Internet a faster place. Mod_Pagespeed is also worth looking into if you’re seeking a way score higher when it comes to Google rankings.

Inside the new Mod_Pagespeed

There’s a lot going on inside the new Mod_Pagespeed. First, image compression, optimization, and resizing is automatic. Then comes the JavaScript and CSS minification, concentration and inlining. You’ll also find domain rewriting, domain sharding, and cache extension features are included. As far as images go, Mod_Pagespeed makes a huge difference. Using Mod_Pagespeed means deferring image resources and JavaScript loading made simple. There are many additional features included in the new Mod_Pagespeed that really are worth learning about.

To spend some time getting to know Google’s latest release, I highly recommend heading to the Mod_Pagespeed site and viewing the video that’s posted. Granted, the video that Google has put up is somewhat lengthy, but it does a great job of explaining the overall purpose and intend of the new Mod_Pagespeed in greater detail. If you happen to use Google AdSense, you’ll really want to check out Mod_Pagespeed to make those investment dollars go as far as possible.

Google Ranks Mod_Pagespeed Pages Higher

Let’s face it. Getting site attention means getting Google’s attention. Google has told press that pages optimized with Mod_Pagespeed will get more attention, in a roundabout way. Google reps have stated that page speed is one of the most important Google ranking components. So, the faster your website loads, the more attention Google will give to it. Since Mod_Pagespeed halve the time it takes to download a large site (according to Google’s recent press release), any site that uses Mod_Pagespeed will be ranked higher on Google’s list.

As Google demonstrates on the Mod_Pagespeed page, a site that uses Google AdSense looks a lot sharper and loads faster with Mod_Pagespeed. Google’s Mod_Pagespeed is available as a Linux passage or as Source. The choice is yours. But, it’s clear that Mod_Pagespeed is something you’ll want to seriously consider if you own or operate a large website. Best of all, Mod_Pagespeed is free. So, why would you not want to check it out? Google will, no doubt, continue working on improving Mod_Pagespeed as the company has been doing for a few years now.

This newest update is the biggest news from Google about the module since its original development in 2010. If you currently use Mod_Pagespeed or are about to use it, be sure to post any comments, praises, or frustrations you’re having with the module here. Google is well known for reading user comments and responding accordingly. Will you use Mod_Pagespeed to make your site faster? Or, is this module totally unnecessary? Let me know.