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  • Google Music Gets Better
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While other music providers seem to be light years ahead of Google, the search dominator is (slowly) catching up. Google Music users can now save an entire library of songs to Google Music, so that all of those tunes are safe no matter what happens.

Google has been playing around with Google Music’s web interface, and a few changes have taken place. Even though Google is making every attempt to catch up to competitors, many are still skeptical that Google Music will change the face of music as it is currently known.

In fact, some users seem to be frustrated with the lack of innovation on Google Music’s part. Then again, Google Music is relatively new in the scheme of things, so changes to the interface may roll out slowly. If you use Google Music, here are some of the new additions to the interface that you can look forward to.

Saving Your Library

Being able to save your entire music library is important. If you are without a computer for any extended period of time, it’s good to know that your tunes will be backed up. Once backed up, all users have to do now is to check out the Music Manager portion of Google Music. From there, all saved songs can be restored. Not only is this a great feature, but it’s also one that many people have been waiting for Google to implement.

After reading Google Music reviews for some time now, it’s obvious that a backup feature was needed. Now that this feature has arrived, users can be certain that a large music collection can be saved. It should be noted though that you can’t save an unlimited amount of tunes to Google Music. Google caps the number of songs in your saved library at 20,000, though this is a decent allowance and, really, most people don’t have more than 20,000 songs.

Numerous Device Allowance

Another new Google Music feature is a copying and saving feature. With Google Music users can copy any number of library songs and then save those songs to various devices. Again, this is a feature that has been missing from Google Music, and it’s one that many users will get a lot of use out of. Seemingly, Google has been listening to Google Music users, and that’s always a positive thing. Far too many companies ignore user complaints, though you have to hand it to Google: this company always tends to listen.
You also have to give Google props for having so many projects going at once, but not really dropping the ball on any of these projects. From a revamped Gmail to new a new Google Docs, Google is constantly updating all of its tools.

The only complaint that this reviewer has regarding Google is the new search features, which showcase Google Plus profile – come on, Google, stop trying to push G+. If the public wants to get on board with Google Plus, it will happen. If not, well, this attempt into social media just isn’t working, and it’s time to focus efforts on other tools that users love – but, I digress. If you use Google Music, make sure to check out the new features that Google has been working hard to implement.