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  • Google: Music to Your Ears?
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For a few months now, Google has been talking about its new Google Music service. More than that, people and tech reviewers have been speculating about Google’s position within the music world. Many touted Google’s abilities while others bashed the system altogether. Google was set to release the new music service this month.

After talks with record companies and other media suppliers, Google announced that users would be able to purchase tracks directly from Google Music. Much like Amazon’s and Apple’s music services, Google followers had high hopes for Google Music. Then, something happened. The record companies that were supposed partner with Google Music backed out.

The Power of Search

No longer having the support of record labels is going to be a big hurdle for Google Music to jump. Google intended to create a music service that closely resembled Grooveshark and other streaming music providers. The concept behind Google Music was to do what Google does best: allow users to search for music using a Google search box.

In addition, a Google Music search would likely include information about a band, photos, and many other details that avid fans want to know about. Now, all of Google’s music dreams may have been dashed. Even though the provider will still offer a way for users to carry around tunes, Google Music isn’t going to be the service that it intended to be. Still, Google forges onward with a beta version of the much anticipated Google Music.

What Happened to Google Music?

There are a lot of rumors circulating as to why Google Music no longer has record label support. More often than not, many fingers point directly towards Apple. Apple has long conquered the music download market with iTunes. Other companies, such as Microsoft, have made many attempts to knock Apple out of the sound-filled waters.

Needless to say, these companies have failed. Yet, many believed that Google would succeed in becoming a true Apple competitor. Google does, after all, have the technology and power to take back a piece of the music market from Apple. Now, without any music for users to download, Google is hoping that consumers will still enjoy the versatility that Google Music is set to offer. Little has been reported about Google Music’s beta version, though hopes are still high that Google will become a large player on the music download scene.

Open for Invitations
While Google Music will no longer offer downloads provided by record companies, this service is not entirely useless. Google Music will allow users to carry around song lists and downloads at all times. For many, this is a service worth keeping.

At the time of this writing, Google Music is accepting invitations. If you currently reside within the United States, you can sign up for a beta invite to Google Music by visiting the company’s website.

Note: the information contained in this article was accurate at the time of this writing. It is possible that Google has succeeded in becoming a part of the music scene – we hope that this is now the case.