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  • Google’s New Chromebook
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Next up on the notebook plate is Google! Google has unveiled its long anticipated Chromebook, and the new laptop is available for pre-sale today. This is not the first Chromebook that Google has created. It is the first ARM Chromebook, though. It’s also priced under $500 and connects directly with all Google via Google’s Cloud. What’s more, Google is throwing in some free Cloud storage for up to two years.

This notebook is sure to gain a lot of attention in coming months. If you are a Google fan, this is one notebook or laptop worth looking at. Here’s what Google has packed into the latest Chromebook.

All Those Good Details In One Shiny Chrome Package

To begin, Google has given the new Chromebook a 11.6-inch screen; 100 GB of Google Cloud storage for two whole years, 6.5 hours of battery life; USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports; a VGA camera; Bluetooth 3.0 compatibility; and dual-band WiFi. Phew! That’s a lot of stuff packed into one small notebook! So, how does Google’s Chromebook measure up to other notebooks in its class weight-wise? Google didn’t make this Chromebook heavy, and that’s always a good thing!

The new Google Chromebook weighs 2.5 pounds and is just 0.8-inches thin. As mentioned, this Chromebook comes with an ARM Cortex A15 processor. Google worked with Samsung on this Chromebook in order to provide consumers with a notebook that wasn’t too expensive, but could be combined with other systems (like the Series 5 Chromebook that was released last year). Has Google hit the nail on the head this time around?

How The Chromebook Is Being Reviewed So Far

Thus far, the Chromebook reviews have been positive. Reviewers have noted that the current touchpad makes for smooth scrolling and that videos look quite impressive on the 1080p screen. High-resolution video is what this notebook was made for, it seems. Design-wise, the Chromebook doesn’t disappoint either. The Chromebook looks like chrome, is small and compact, and is thin enough to slip into most backpacks or purses without any real trouble.

The Chromebook also happens to be very affordable. Google and Samsung have priced this new notebook at just $249. This is an amazingly low price for a notebook, and it’s far less expensive than other notebooks in its class. As mentioned, the Google Chromebook is available for pre-sale right now through the Google website. You can also check out some additional specs on the Samsung website.

The Chromebook will hit stores officially within the next few weeks. If you are shopping for a notebook, the Chromebook is worth looking at. Even if you’re shopping for a tablet, you might want to opt for a Chromebook instead. While not a tablet, technically, this notebook is a nice and compact option. Plus, it comes with free Google storage, and that’s hard to beat. What do you think of Google’s new Chromebook? Is this notebook something that you’d consider buying as a second system or as a gift? Let me know what you think in the comments.