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  • The Google Nexus Q: Made In The USA
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There’s a quiet movement happening in the technology world. A handful of device manufacturers are moving manufacturing back to the USA. On the surface, it looks like these companies simply want to help Americans by providing a job boost. But, there’s another reason why manufacturing may head back to the states. Wages in countries such as China have increased, and this means that manufacturing various devices is no longer as cheap as it once was. Device manufacturers also want to avoid any kind of negative press – you know, the kind that can come from questionable overseas ethics?

While Google is not the first company to bring manufacturing back to the United States, it is one of the largest companies to test out the “Made In the USA” theory once more. Google’s new streaming device, the Nexus Q, is made entirely in the USA in a manufacturing plant in San Jose.

What Is the Google Nexus Q?

Google’s Nexus Q hasn’t received a lot of attention, but it is a streaming device worth looking at for more reasons than one. The Nexus Q is an audio and video receiver specifically designed for Google content. The Nexus Q can be controlled exclusively with an Android device, and it’s a streamer that’s unlike all the rest on the market.

Not only is every part of the Nexus Q designed in that San Jose, CA, plant, the Q is interesting as a standalone device. The fact that the Nexus Q is different from all the other streaming devices out there is obvious right from the start: this streamer is round, not square. The Q weighs two pounds and doesn’t look like any other streamer you’ve ever seen.

In addition, the Q has 1GB of RAM and 16GB of flash storage. You’ll also find a number of ports included in this streamer from Ethernet to USB and even micro HDMI ports (audio as well). Right now, the only way to power the Nexus Q is to use an Android device and download the Nexus Q app. As mentioned, the Nexus Q only streams Google content, but the Q is interesting all the same. How does the Q stack up to, say, Apple TV?

Well, this is the first Google product so it does come with a few hang-ups (some features might have been best left in beta), but you can bet that the Q will only get better as Google improves the device. It’s also hard to ignore the fact that the Q is made in the USA, which is more than enough of a good reason to purchase this streamer if you have an additional $300 to spare.

High Price Complaints

Some consumers have complained that Google’s $300 price tag is too high for a streamer. However, it has to be said that manufacturing devices in the USA is still slightly more expensive than manufacturing overseas. If you want jobs to return to North America, you have to realize that the prices of items made in this hemisphere will be higher. Basically, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but you can support Google in this venture based on the sheer fact that buying American-made means bringing manufacturing back to the states.