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  • Google Now Offers Nutritional Data
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There's a movement happening. A nutrition movement. It might have started with Monsanto. It might have started with Forks Over Knives. Or, it might have started on its own. However it began, it is here to stay, and Google is getting in on the action.

When you search for nutrition information using Google, you will now be given direct details. Want to know how many calories in a glass of scotch (70-80)? Or, how much fat is in that cheeseburger (around 20 grams per fast food burger)? Google will now tell you. There's more too.

Google's Nutritional Search Data

Google is aiming to bring information about food that wasn't readily available to the general public. Prior, it took a really long time to gain basic caloric details or information about a specific type of food. Google wants you to be able to gain this type of knowledge as quickly as you can learn about an actor or a movie that's coming out. Understanding nutrition is vital to our overall health, and Google is helping out.

Here's an interesting thought: Google wouldn't be adding nutritional information if people weren't looking for it. That means that more people want to know about food, what's in food, and what kind of food they are eating. That, dear readers, is a positive thing. When will all of this information be available?

Nutrition Information Availability

Once again, Canada, you are left in the dark. If you live in Canada, you won't see nutrition details yet. If you live in the states, you will see this information starting to pop up in your Google search throughout the next few days. Google is starting with the USA. Hopefully, the company will be moving all of these details to the rest of the world soon.

This is a massive undertaking that Google is working on, so give the company some time to make it all happen. It's also a great way to find out about any food that you are about to eat. Just think: instead of scrolling through tons of links about food, you can get the information you need right away. Whether you're on a high protein diet or a low carb one, Google will let you know what's in that food you're about to consume.

Not the First?

There's just one little detail that should be mentioned: Bing (Microsoft's search engine) offered searchers nutritional information a few years ago. However, Bing's nutritional details are not as concise as the information that Google is putting out. Bing's nutritional details don't work in Canada either, sorry folks.

For now, Canadians, you will still have to comb through all of those search links. Soon though, very soon, Google will come to the rescue of your health. Summertime is coming, so make sure you use Google's new nutritional search to find out about that burger you're about to eat, or that corn that you are going to grill, or whether or not you can have three beers on a low-calorie diet.