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Google has made a number of new announcements throughout the past two weeks. From Google Plus photo enhancements to new Gmail features, Google is definitely in the news. The latest thing that Google has announced is Google Play Music All Access. As the name suggests, this is Google Play's latest feature, and it's aimed at making searching and creating playlists simpler. Here's how it works.

Google Play Music Features

Google Play Music includes unlimited music selection; customized radio that includes unlimited skips; collection and storage of music; the elimination of synch; online or offline listening; and sharing what you want to with Google Plus. The whole service looks like a wonderful streaming option, and Google used Dracula to introduce the streaming music features, so you can't really go wrong with that, right?

One of the biggest features out of the bunch listed above is the sharing feature. You can add any existing music you have to Google Music, and you can store up to 20,000 songs for free. Google will match any songs on your computer including iTunes songs. All of this is done with a simple system search. If you have some tracks that aren't available on Google Play Music, those will also be uploaded. So, you'll get all of your songs in one neat place. This is made even better with the eliminate of synching.

Goodbye Synching

Google will keep all of your music files updated regularly across all devices that you own. You never have to manually upload a song or a playlist from again. Everything that you have is right there at your fingertips, no matter what device you use. It's that simple.

Better Features For More Users

Of course, Google's main goal in creating Google Play Music is to attract more users. Google wants a large slice of that music pie, and it has some tough competition along the way. But, this doesn't mean anything to Google, since the company is way ahead of most. Google Plus Music isn't free, but that won't deter a lot of serious music listeners that want to store, play, and listen to music simply. Speaking of cost, how much will Google Plus Music set you back?

Pricing and Availability

Google is currently offering the Play Music service for $7.99 per month if you subscribe to the music service before June 30th. If you subscribe after that date, the price will be $9.99 per month. That might not seem like a lot of difference, but those few extra dollars will really add up after a year, so sign up now if you wan the new Google music service.

Google's newest streaming features are currently available only in the United States. There's no word yet when Google will roll out the service to other countries, but I'm guessing that this will take awhile. If you do live in the U.S., and you love music, Google's newest features seem like a lot of fun. Will you check them out? Or, is this pricing just too high?