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  • G+ Ensures Validity

Social networks allow you to be whoever you want to be. If you want to post photos of some random movie start and claim that the face smiling back in those pictures is yours, there’s nobody stopping you. The anonymity of the Internet is one of the reasons why many use social networking platforms.

In fact, it used to be very easy to sign up for a Facebook or Twitter account using a celebrity name. But both Facebook and Twitter learned the false information lesson very quickly. When celebrities became outraged that other people were using famous names, Twitter and Facebook provided a way for true celebrity accounts to stand out.

These accounts became verified while false accounts did not gain the verification symbol. Now that Google Plus has entered the social media playing field, Google is taking its cues on celebrity accounts from Facebook and Twitter.

Google Tells Celebrities and Businesses to Wait

As many of you know, Google Plus is still in beta form. As such, Google has a number of kinks that have to be worked out. One of those kinks is creating some kind of verification or identification for celebrities and businesses alike. At present, there is no such marker available.

That’s why G+ has asked all celebrities and big businesses to stay away from the social network for the time being. Google assures those who bask in limelight that the company will find a secure way for big names to enter the G+ arena. At the time of this writing, Google has stated that the company is tossing around a few different security ideas.

Why It Matters

Google (as does Facebook and Twitter) wants to attract big names. When celebrities and businesses join social networking sites, these sites prosper. Not only will millions of fans sign up to follow the tweets, posts, and G+ updates of celebrities, but Google can also profit from these big names as a result.

More people reading streams equals more people who are apt to click on advertisements. At the time being, G+ doesn’t have any ads emblazoned across its white pages, but the time will certainly come. The best way to attract people from all walks of life is to attract big names, big brands, and famous people who have a way of capturing attention.

G+ Makes it Hard to Lie

Google wants its social networking platform to be real and honest. That’s why the company is not allowing anyone to make up a false name when signing up for a G+ account. This is not the case with Facebook, which allows people to change both first and last names. There’s no telling how Google will control this decree, but it will be an interesting show to watch.

For the time being, you may not be able to find your favorite actor or brand on G+. But, that doesn’t mean that the platform won’t gain star attention soon. As G+ grows by leaps and bounds each day, many believe that the platform is here to stay. This sentiment will become even harder to debate if G+ manages to snag as many big names as Twitter and Facebook have. Of course, those truly behind every popular name will be noted by some kind of G+ insignia.