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  • You Gmail Contact List: Now On Display (For You)
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Google has been adding bits and pieces to Google Plus ever since the site was created. The goal that Google has in mind is to gain lots of active users and make the site better than any other social media site out there. So far, Google Plus has quite a few users but is far from being the best social media site. But, in true Google fashion, Google is not giving up on Google Plus yet. Instead, the search giant is attempting to make Google Plus even simpler to use.

How can circles and bright colors possible be simpler to use? Google is now importing your contact list into your Google Plus account. If you have an Android phone or a Gmail account, you can rest assured that your contacts are already part of your Google Plus homepages makeup. Don’t worry though, you’re the only one who can see your contacts.

Why Provide Contact Access?

It’s easy to become fed up with using Google Plus. Why? Mostly because finding contacts with this social network is a real pain. Google recognized this problem and decided to make finding the people you know a whole lot easier. To do this, Google imported your contact list. Now, if you don’t have a Gmail account or an Android phone, you won’t see your contact list in Google Plus right now. Instead, you will have to import your own contact list, if you choose to do so.

Finding out whether or not your contacts belong to the Google Plus network just by looking at your contact list is convenient. Just make sure you aren’t too careless and think twice before adding that person you haven’t talked to in years to your Google Plus circles. If for no other reason, look at all the contacts you’ve added to your Gmail account over the past few years is astounding. Do you remember emailing that many people? Probably not!

Where You’ll Find Your Contacts

After logging into your Google Plus account (or just clicking that ever-present button on the top right hand corner of your Gmail page), you can start searching for people to add to your circles. Google will suggest that you add certain people, and that’s where you’ll see your contact list appear. Those who have already signed up (or been suckered into signing up) for a Google Plus account will appear in color. Those who haven’t will appear in black and white.

Be careful when you click on someone’s name who hasn’t signed up for Google Plus yet. It’s all too easy to drop that person into a circle and, therefore, invite them to join Google Plus. So if you just wanted to spy on someone who has a Google Plus account, don’t drag that person’s name into a circle either (or they’ll be notified that you did so and that’s not sleuth-like at all!). If you want to see what the whole Google Plus contact list deal is about, log into your Google Plus account now. If not, you can go on living life outside of those circles (live dangerously!).