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  • G+ Adds New News Feature
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There are still a few issues that Google has to work out before Google Plus can become an efficient site. One of the problems that users tend to have with G+ is a general lack of site understanding. While posting is clear enough and circles aren’t hard to set up, it is hard to keep track of new Google Plus happenings.

You can read about new Google Plus features here, check out other tech blogs, or spend your hours looking for information that Google has recently shared about its newest network member. All of these things are fine, but all of them are also time consuming. Google has realized that users want a better way to keep up with G+ happenings. That’s why the “New In Google Plus” feature was created.

Nothing Novel

There’s nothing novel about the “New In Google Plus” feature. It can’t recognize your face and it doesn’t make advertising easier, but this feature will let you know what’s happening in the G+ world without venturing to other sites. What a great idea! In fact, it’s one that Google should have considered from the start.

But, I’ll forgive the search giant for this minor mishap. After all, Google did manage to pull in more than ten million users during its first month. Right now, the site isn’t doing so well as the shiny new sparkle wears off of the site. Then again, those who do use Google Plus like it a lot, so there is some hope for the site after all.

More Features Like This One

Social networks have to be simple. So simple that anyone can use them without breaking a sweat. In its haste to set up Google Plus shop, Google looked over the smaller details –details such as how to use Google Plus and news concerning new Google Plus updates. Now that these features have arrived, Google Plus may pick up speed once again.

More features like the New In Google feature would be a great benefit to the platform. This way, users can really get a hold on how to use G+, what to expect, and what new features they can incorporate into individual accounts.

'How to Use the New Feature

On the right hand side of your Google Plus account (towards the top), you’ll see the “gear” tool. Select this tool and then select “Help.” Once selected, you will be sent to the Google Help center. From there, you can find the “What’s New” section. Google recently posted a video explaining how to access this feature, and it is emphasized in the video to check the What’s New section often.

No doubt that you’ll hear about all of the new Google Plus features on this site, but in case you want to check it out for yourself, just head to your Google Plus account. Google is listening to current users, fixing the site, and hoping to gain even more followers. Current Google Plus users are learning to personalize the site while figuring out what’s new. Google’s “What’s New” feature was badly needed.