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  • G+ Finally Gets a Follow Button
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Google Plus has been picking up speed lately. As social media users tire of Facebook antics, G+ is picking up the slack. It also helps that Google tirelessly updates Google Plus, so that the social network is never lagging behind. Even though other networks are still more popular than Google's, G+ always comes with new and improved features.

The newest feature to hit Google Plus is the 'Follow' button. A follow button, you say? Isn't that kind of old news? Well, it is if you are speaking in Twitter or Facebook terms, but Google Plus never had a follow button until now. As you might expect, the new G+ follow button works largely the same ways as Facebook's follow button, but there are some differences.

Using the Google Plus Follow Button

Google's Follow button comes in the form of a simple javascript plugin for developers that want to add a follow button to a G+ page. This button can be added to a webpage, and people can follow a company's G+ page without actually leaving the current page that's being viewed. So, yeah, it's basically the same idea as the Facebook or Twitter follow button. But, it's G+, so that makes it slightly different.

Adding the plugin to a website is simple enough to do, and it comes with some nice looking buttons too. When site viewers click on the Google Plus follow button, a neat dropdown menu appears allowing followers to place a company or group into a Google Plus circle. For example, if you had a 'Musicians' circle as part of your Plus page, you could add your favorite band to your Musicians circle just by clicking on the G+ follow button on the band's page.

It might sound confusing, but it's not. If you're a developer, all you need to know is that you can add a Google Plus follow button to any site page. Simple, right?

Needed and Approved

Google Plus is an interesting social network. It's not one that is widely used or talked about, but it does pop up frequently these days. More than once, I have been asked about a Google Plus page, and many companies I work with are all on Google Plus.

It seems that Google Plus is the social network that nobody wants to miss out on just in case it explodes overnight. Personally, my Google Plus page is a ghost town, but that's not the case for many users.

Regardless, a standalone follow button is an important thing, and it's something that should be added to all company sites alongside that Twitter and Facebook button. If you do have a webpage and you'd like Google Plus plugin button, make sure to check out the new buttons on the Google Plus main page.

As mentioned, these are easy to install and won't take any time at all to include, but they are a necessity if you are in the social world. Do you use G+? What do you think of the new follow buttons?