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  • Google Makes It Easier to Send Out G+ Invites
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Seemingly, Google doesn’t need any help getting people to sign up for the new Google Plus social network. G+ has seen amazing growth since the start of the network. In fact, new numbers report that Google Plus may soon overtake both Twitter and LinkedIn when it comes to active users.

Yet, Google seems no harm in letting the network grow even further. In order to increase the number of new sign-ups, Google has now made it even easier to invite friends to join G+. This new way of inviting people to become part of your circle is one of the reasons why Google Plus is enjoying a great deal of (more) growth.

New Invitation Links

Previously, inviting someone to Google Plus meant sending out personalized emails. Now, current Google Plus users can invite new users by sending out a personalized link. Another way to spread the news of the new invite is to post this link to one’s Facebook, Twitter, or other account.

At the time of this writing, Google is limiting new signs-ups to 150 people per link. So, if you’re planning on posting your personal link to your Facebook or Twitter account, let people know that Google will stop admitting new people after the 150th click.

Is Everyone Invited?

Google keeps limiting invites, but it seems as though most people already have a Google Plus invite. This has sparked some conversation within social media circles. Some believe that Google should stop with the invites and start the next phase of Google Plus. Others believe that this new invite tactic is just another way for Google to add new people to G+.

If you currently have Google Plus account, post a link to your Facebook or Twitter page, so that those around you can join the G+ ranks. Needless to say, Google Plus is a bit boring without interesting people to share stories with and swap links with. So, in this spirit, inviting as many people as you can to Google Plus is a great idea.

What’s All the Fuss About

Google Plus is currently the most popular social network around. This isn’t necessarily due to the network’s interface or amazing features, it’s mostly due to the fact that people are tired of Facebook. As such, many have been flocking to Google Plus in search of something different. Yet, Google Plus stills seems to lack pizzazz.

Then again, Google is still working on the network, and working out the kinks. It is possible to Google Plus will become the best social network available, but it’s hard to imagine that this network will truly overtake Twitter and Facebook.

Google Plus still lacks in many areas, and unless you have exciting people in your circles, Google Plus is simply a bore. So, what’s all the fuss about? Right now, Google Plus is simply popular for being popular – it’s the newest addition to the social networking family. Will G+ last? Only time will tell, but you can spice things up by adding new people to your network – all you need is one link!