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  • Google+ Gets An Update
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It’s been a little while since we’ve heard anything new from Google about Google Plus. However, Google never lets go of a project once the company has begun something new, and Plus is no exception to this rule. While controversy surrounds the numbers that Google consistently puts out in regards to Plus, the giant search company isn’t giving up on social media just yet. In fact, Google is moving full steam ahead with Google Plus by providing site users with new updates and features.

As is the trend lately, Google is putting much more emphasis on Plus’ photo and video size allowances, which should make some users very happy. There are some other additions to the social media site too that you’ll see the next time you log into your Plus account – if you have one, that is. Here’s what you can expect to find:


Google wants Plus users to have all-around customization control. In order to accomplish this task, Google will soon allow Plus users to customize tool bars, apps, and even the size of photographs (something that many Facebook users constantly complain about). All of these changes will take place within the next few days, and some of the noted changes are already part of the Google Plus site.

In addition to the changes mentioned above, Google Plus users will soon have the ability to move around news stream notifications. So, if you want to put an app above another app or shift news positioning, this will be possible with the new Plus site. As you can probably tell, Google is really focusing on user needs and wants with these new changes and updates.

Waiting For an Influx

This might be a stab in the dark, but it certainly seems as though Google is waiting for a flood of fans to arrive at the site from other social networks. Namely, Facebook users might soon be looking for another (or different) social network to join. News of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram caused a number of negative reactions, and plenty of Facebook users are concerned about changes the company might make when the social network goes public (very soon).

Even though things haven’t slowed down on Facebook quite yet, if the number one social network gets a facelift or starts to disappoint users by selling information or blasting users with ads, social media users will certainly be looking for somewhere else to chat, post, and join. Could that new place be Google Plus? Might Google Plus gain a lot more users thanks to Facebook’s future plunders? Possibly; but only time will tell. In the meantime, Google is making Plus as attractive as possible, so that those who are inclined to seek out a new network might be pushed right into Google’s open arms – victory through default?

If you have a Google Plus account, you can scope out the changes that Google has made to the social network right now. If you don’t see all the changes that are listed above, just wait a few days.