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  • G+ Users Can Now Set Up Multiple YouTube Accounts
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Google just isn't giving up on G+. Some of you may use and love this social network. Most others just wish it would go away. Google is hanging onto Google Plus and trying to make it better every chance the company gets. The latest G+ feature add is YouTube. This past Wednesday, Google announced that G+ users can now link YouTube channels to G+ pages.

So, that video of your cat playing with a string can finally be added to your profile page. What's more, Google has asked a bunch of users to beta test a new single user/multiple YouTube channel feature. If all goes well, you will be able to control various YouTube channels with one Google Plus account in the near future.

How Many Channels?

The feature that Google is test includes providing G+ users with control of up to 50 different YouTube channels. This means that you could link your G+ page to 50 different YouTube channels. Google stated that this linking opportunity would provide better video sharing, Google Plus hangouts, and other benefits.

Are your Google Plus pals dying to see what you have going via YouTube? I'm not so certain. But, it is clear that this venture will work out well for Google, at least. Let's not forget that Google now owns YouTube, so anything that promotes YouTube will also promote Google, since the two are one and the same.

In App Form

If you plan on linking a YouTube channel with a G+ account from a mobile app, make sure that you are running the latest versions of the YouTube app available. Google has warned that some third party YouTube apps might not work well with the social network feature. You can find out if the app you have is the latest version by updating your Android or iOS YouTube app right now.

How can you connect a YouTube channel with your Google Plus page? Head to your YouTube account right now, and select the Connect With a Google+ Page Beta option. Then, enter your Google Plus profile details. The setup is relatively painless, and you can bombard your friends with YouTube videos effortlessly.

Not so into YouTube or Google Plus? That's okay; a lot of people feel the way that you do. Still, there's no denying that this is a good way for Google to promote both G+ and YouTube -- even if you don't actually plan to use the service.

Is YouTube Still Popular?'

Ever since Google purchased YouTube, the site seems to be going down the, well, tubes. YouTube is still popular with the masses, but advertisements and other content seem to get in the way of decent videos. Are you still a YouTube fan? Do you use Google Plus? Would you actually combine the two?

Every time I check into my Google Plus account, the place looks like a ghost town. Sure, people are signed up for G+, but nobody seems to be posting things daily. I'm not entirely sure that being able to link 50 YouTube channels to an account will change that fact.