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  • Google Plus Now Allowing Brands
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If you tried to add your company to Google Plus when the social network first came out, you might have been largely disappointed. Google Plus wasn’t allowing any companies to create brand pages at first. Then, Google allowed just a few companies to test the service.

Now, reports claim that Google Plus has opened up branded pages for all businesses. Not only is this great news for businesses that have been trying to get on the Google Plus bandwagon for some time now, it’s also great news for G+ publicity.
Timing is everything in the social media game.

Just as Google Plus was beginning to become largely forgotten, Google is allowing companies to set up customized G+ pages. How easy is it for a company to create a G+ page? The process is supposed to be simple, though some companies may find that they are still left in the lurch. If you’re looking to set up a branded Google Plus page, here’s what you need to know.

Denial Is Frustrating

Numerous companies have reported that Google is still in the denial process. If you head to the Google Plus homepage right now and attempt to set up a company page, you may be told that you still have to wait. This is due to the fact that Google is still testing the branding service with a few choice customers. Why would Google announce that branding is open to all if the service isn’t ready yet?

Simply put, Google wanted to generate a buzz. However, this plan may have backfired, since some companies are (no doubt) frustrated by the inability to create a branded page. Google claims that the branded pages portion of Google Plus will be available to all very shortly, but you’ll have to try your luck for now. If you are accepted, the set up process is quite simple.

Setting Up a Branded Page

Setting up a Google business page is relatively simple. First, log into your G+ account. Then, select the “set up a page” tab. From there, you will be taken to a simple sign-up sheet. This sheet will ask you to add your company name and some additional details about your company. You can then add a company logo (space is tight, so make sure your logo stands out). Once you have completed your page, you can then spread the word about your new page by letting your circles know.

If you run a social media campaign for another company, be aware that any notifications you send out from a company page will be directly linked to your page. This will work fine in some instances. In other instances, it might be a pain to set up a page that’s linked to your page. You also have the option of creating a separate G+ account, of course. The idea here is to create a completely unique Google Plus page. You can do this by adding photos, creating interesting posts, and linking your G+ business account with your other social networking accounts.

Free For Now

Google Plus for businesses is free to use for now. There’s no word of Google charging companies in the future, but only time will tell. If you have a company or run a social media campaign for a company, check out what Google Plus business pages can do for you.