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  • What Are You Doing Tomorrow? Google Will Let You Know.
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Not sure what you're doing tomorrow? Just as Google. Google has created some interesting new search features that are highly personalized - and borderline creepy. You can now type a bunch of personal questions into the Google search bar, and Google will give you the answer to these questions.

What sorts of questions? "Is my flight on time?" "What are my plans for the weekend?" "How many pictures of beaches have I taken?" Questions like these are what Google wants to answer, and all of this will come in the form of a simple search.

Where Google Gets This Information

Google will be pulling personal details about you from Gmail, and from Google Plus accounts. Did that bit of news just make you shudder? That's right - Google will be scanning your Gmail accounts for information about you. Yikes.

Google has stated that Gmail remains encrypted, and that only you can see the kinds of details that Google will be pulling up. Still, these new search features don't leave minds at ease, not at all. With all of the new privacy concerns circulating lately, it's amazing that Google has gone ahead with these personalized search plans.

How to Opt-Out

The new Google search features will be available to all Google users throughout the United States over the next few days. Google will not allow people to opt-in to this new Google feature, but you can opt-out. Here's how:

1. Click on the globe icon at the top of the Google search page. Follow instructions.

2. Look for the new 'Private Results' section in the 'Search Settings' view. Change your current results to private.

Companies like Google should make new features like this one opt-in rather than opt-out, but that's not the way things have been going lately. If you don't want Google digging through your email in order to provide you with generalized Google search results, it's a good idea to opt-out as soon as you can. Then again, Google already combs through Gmail search results.

Some Things You'll Find

When the new feature is rolled out across the board, here are some of the things that Google will tell you about yourself:

Flight Details

You can do everything from track recent purchases to find photos that you've posted online using the new Google search feature. For some, this feature may be useful (all you need to do is ask Google a question to find out details about your social life). For others, the new feature borders on a serious invasion of privacy.

Google has told press that the new search feature is highly flexible, so you can ask Google almost anything and come up with an answer (it doesn't have to be specific). Presumably, you will have to ask a question from your own phone or computer in order to get results, but I'm guessing it will be easy for anyone to type a question into Google search from your phone or computer and come up with your personal details (like flight plans). Thoughts?