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  • Google Has Some Security Tips for You
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Somewhat bizarrely, Google recently shared some security tips with the public. The tips make sense given that every other headline these days is about some kind of hack, but it still feels kind of odd to read security tips from Google as a sort of PSA. Regardless, here’s what Google wants you to know about security in 2015, and how to stay safe.

Go with Google’s Two-Step Verification Process: Google has long offered two-step security verification for almost all of the company’s products. If you aren’t using this security feature, it’s time to put it into action. Two-step verification is the only really solid way of protecting your Google account from hackers.

Report and Monitor Strange Content: if you see something questionable pop up in any Google account, Google wants you to report it. This tip goes for any other account that you use too. Always report strange activity to the company that makes the product or service you’re using.

Make sure that your browser is updated: for some reason, most of us never take the time to update our browsers, but this could be a major mistake that you’re making. It’s far easier to hack into someone’s system if that person is using an older browser. Older versions of browsers tend to have well-known holes in them, and that’s why it’s important not to simply ignore those updated pop up reminders (though it’s easy to do so).

Be aware of people around you when you use any of your devices. Is someone watching you at a coffee shop? Did you just type a password with a person hanging over your shoulder? Always cover your device when you use passwords, and this goes for anything like an ATM card too.

Know what’s happening. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not knowing what’s going on when it comes to tech news. There could be a major problem with a program that you use, or a hack could have happened, but you won’t know about these things if you aren’t up to date on current trends. Stay plugged in, and make sure that you know what’s happening around you.

Keeping Your Business Secure

When it comes to business and workplace security, it can be a lot tougher to run a tight ship. Because of things like BYOD and Shadow IT, your employees could be running programs and sharing files without any knowledge of your IT team.

While you can go on a witch hunt for those people that are acting without the permission of the IT crew, it’s better to simply open the lines of communication between management and employees. Find out why people are going off the grid to use new applications, and figure out how to work those things into your existing business infrastructure. Communication will save you time and money in the long run.

Solid Security Tips

Google’s latest security announcement isn’t groundbreaking, but these tips can save you from hacks and security threats. Sometimes, following the most basic tips can really pay off.