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  • What Google’s Semantic Search Plan Means to You
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For the first time since the search engine’s inception, Google Search will be changing in a big way. If you currently run a content site, don’t worry: Google isn’t scrapping keyword relevance. What Google is doing is adding semantic searching to the current Google search engine. What is semantic search, exactly, and why should it concern you? Simply put, semantic search allows searchers to come up with direct answers to questions. Literally, the word “semantic” refers to the study of meaning, and understanding what people really mean when searching for something is exactly what Google intends to do.

How will Google’s inclusion of semantic search influence the way that you find information on the Internet? When you search for something using Google, in the future, you will be given a list of items or people or places that relate directly to that searched term. So, instead of a number of links that bring you to web pages, you will gain much more relevant information. When all is said and done, it seems like the new search engine will be a much welcomed addition to the search engine world.

The Rise of the Direct Question

When Google decides to implement the new semantic search method, question that you type into a Google search bar will be more directly answered. For example, you might ask “where is St. Louis?” and you will be given a direct answer. If you were to type in “Grand Canyon” you would be given a list of information about the Grand Canyon such as its size, location, purpose, and other bits and details. All those irrelevant links and sites filled with spam? Those will have a lot less relevance. Well-researched writing will become far more important that keywords and other bits of nonsense (writers: take note!).

If you use Google to search for any kind of information (and who doesn’t, really) you are bound to find that the newly revamped search engine is both practical, helpful, and a lot like Bing. You know, that other search engine, Bing? The one that answers searchers with direct answers and avoids sending people on wild site chases? Well, Google will be a lot more like Bing when the new search features are implemented. When will that be, exactly?

When the Change Will Occur

Google hasn’t said much about the impending changes. Seemingly, the search giant is still working on some subtle details before the new search engine rolls out. However, this reviewer is betting that the new search will pop up within the next few months so that Google can effectively compete with other search engines and gain all around popularity. There’s also something else to consider here: the new search engine may provide Google with a way to better place ads – ads that are far more relevant to searchers than the current ads that Google displays.

We’ll have to sit back and wait for the new Google to surface, but when that day comes you will see a major (and better?) difference in the way that you search and find what you are looking for.