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  • Careful! Google Street View is Watching!
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You know when you think that you are alone? Like, if you've pulled over to the side of the road in Kansas because there's no close bathroom? Well, the open road used to be really open with nobody around for miles. But, that's not exactly the way things work these days.

Today, it's tough to get away with anything. Why? Are there increase numbers of policemen in the world? Are people more nosy than they were before? What's happening? Well, it's all about Google. It is, in fact, Google's fault. You see, Google is spying on you. Kind of.

You're On Camera!

Remember those candid camera shows? The TV shows that would catch people doing ridiculous things, and then some host would jump out of a corner and scream: "you're on camera!" Well, you can think of Google's Street View kind of like those shows of old. Only, there's no host and you won't get any audience laughter. You may get a surprise, though. A surprise in the form of a ticket or worse.

Recently, Google's Street View caught some bad people doing some questionable things. What kinds of things? The "I had to pull over to the side of the highway" type of thing. There are some worse things too. Google Street View has caught thieves; drug traffickers; vandalism; graffiti artists; street walkers; couples getting busy in public places - and all kinds of other questionable acts. You see, you can't hide from Google Street View.

Does Google Street View Violate?

What about your rights? Are no street corners or highways private anymore? Not if Google has been there. Does Google violate privacy when it comes to recording random citizens doing strange things? Can these recordings be held against you in a court of law? I'm not certain on the legalities here (and this is not a legal document of any kind), but it sure looks that way.

What can you do about it? You can try to figure out where Google Street View has been, where Google records, and what places to avoid. Or, you can just behave like a law abiding citizen. Either way, the phrase: "smile! you're on camera!" has a whole new meaning. With Google's Street View, you really can't hide.

Not Just In the USA

Keep in mind that Google Street View is everywhere. If you think that you're safe just because you live in North America, think again. Google has been all over the planet, and the company is far from done mapping the globe.

In some countries, various acts might be serious crimes, so make sure to read handbooks before you travel to any far away destination where Google Street View may catch you doing something you shouldn't be doing.

The thing about Google Street View is that you won't know you've been caught until you wind up on some tech blog, or the cops come knocking on your door. If photographic or video evidence is what will send you to jail, be aware that Google Street View is out there.