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  • Google's Working on a New Tablet
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What the New Google Tablet Might Look Like

Those in the know are reporting that Google is working on a new tablet. What’s the big deal? This tablet will come with 3D Vision Technology. What is that? Here’s what is know so far.

Google’s New Vision

The new Google tablet will come with infrared depth sensors, two back cameras, and special software that can capture 3D images. Images of what? Mostly rooms and objects. The tablet will have a 7-inc screen (which seems kind of small, doesn’t it?), and Google will be releasing 4,000 prototypes next month (mostly to developers). Google reps have told press that the company is working on this tablet to help the visually impaired find their way around rooms and other places. In addition, this table has a lot of gaming potential too.

Google’s new tablet (currently dubbed ‘Project Tango’) will be the first device of its kind that gives devices some kind of understanding of what human space is like. This comprehension will help people that have problems with vision get around without stumbling, and that’s the main purpose of the new tablet. Why Google has gone with the 7-inch size here seems to have a lot to do with the actual 3D purpose, but the company hasn’t weighed in on size quite yet. We do have some photos that were released earlier today.

Is It Needed?

There’s a definite trend towards 3D devices (like the Oculus VR headset that Facebook has just purchased), and the public seems to want devices like this one. Google will send out the tablets to developers to play around with, so that the company can further perfect the tablets before they are sent to the masses.

Google will be sending out the tablets in small batches (along with its latest phone design) before the tablet is ready to be sold. If you are a developer that would like to get your hands on a new Google tablet, check out Google’s main site. It might be possible to sign up to get one of these tablets, though you’ll have to get in line.

Does the world need a 3D tablet? It’s really territory that hasn’t been explored thoroughly yet, so it’s kind of hard to tell whether or not it will be useful. But, a tablet like this one is definitely an interesting concept, and it’s one that Google will put out first in tablet size.

Sure, there are headsets that do the same thing, but Google is the first company to bring this technology to the tablet. We’ll have to wait and see if this tablet sells, but I’m thinking that Google is really onto something here – something that other tablets are just lacking.

What do you think of the new Google tablet design? Can you think of any reason why you might use or need a 3D tablet? Additional specs can be found on the Google blog and through Google’s G+ page. Get ready for a 3D world!