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As much as most people would like to think of Google as a small company, it's not. Google is a big company with tons of services spread out all over the place. Google has so many projects happening that most people don't know about many of these projects. One such project is Google's 'Think Insights.'

What Is Think Insights?

Think Insights is a marketing tool that Google developed some time ago. This website features marketing news, trends, and information. Plus, Google often adds in some interesting statistics and other vital bits of information like projections and calculations. Insights is a great place to go if you need some marketing information about nearly any topic.

Insights also includes recent industry research, consumer trend details, and always includes the latest information. You can think of Insights as the marketing newsletter that never existed (but should have). Amazingly, most people have never heard of Google Insights, but it's not a new product by any means.

A Source Bursting With Details

Google's Insights is really packed to the brim with marketing information that you really should be reading. If you own any kind of online store or are in the marketing game, Insights is the site that you aren't reading but should be. This site also includes a neat marketing library that's full of great articles and research, and you'll also find some helpful tools on the site.

The Insights Library is also worth further noting, since this library can be searched through according to a number of search terms. You can look for industry specific details or other objectives easily, and it's a huge time saver if you are working on any kind of research or report. Another interesting aspect of Insights is that Google has lined up interviews with some industry leaders, and those are worth their weight in gold if you have the time to watch them.

Not Using Insights? Why Not?

Best of all, every single article and detail on Google Insights is completely free to use. All you have to do is go to the site and check it out. From there, you can watch videos, search through the library, and use other marketing tools. Really, it's a complete source of information that you never knew existed. How great is that?

If you are in the marketing field or run any kind of business, you can't afford not to know all about your consumers or target. Google's Think Insights will provide you with all of those things and more. Haven't heard of Insights? Don't use it? You are really missing out on this one! Go and check it out now. I'm sure that you are going to love it, and soon you won't be able to live without it.

By the way, there are a number of additional Google programs out there that you've probably never heard of too. If you have the time, give Google a thorough, well, Google to see what else this company has to offer!