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  • Google to Offer International Roaming at Low Cost
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If you travel a lot, you may want to buy an Android phone. Google is currently in talks with one of the biggest UK telecom providers, Three, to offer travelers a way to visit another country without paying any roaming fees.

So, you could travel to the UK (and other countries eventually) with your Android phone, and pay the same price as you would walking around your home town.

Google In Talks

If all goes according to Google’s plans, you would be able to talk, use text, voice, and data abroad just as you would in your own hometown. The new Google news arrives just approximately one month after Google announced plans to offer wireless service through the company. The Google project is meant to allow Google to sell wireless plans directly to consumers. Clearly, Google is making some headway into the wireless market, and it all begins with a Hong-Kong based company.

Google has been in talks with the company Whamopoa for some time now, and this company also owns the UK’s Three. Three is also offered in various other countries, but Google isn’t in talks with any other companies in Europe at this time. It is entirely possible that you will be able to travel to Hong Kong or the UK within the next year and not incur ridiculous roaming charges if you use your phone.


When Google will be offering the new roaming option to users is still unclear. Although the company has told press that the talks are happening, Google has not responded with any clear deadline. But if news of Google’s talks has surfaced, that usually means the plan is about one year out or so. It also means that Google is likely to test out a smaller market before the company moves ahead with offering the option to the general public.

Will the offer work the other way around? Will users in Europe that currently use Three be able to bring data plans to the US? This seems like a logical step, though no confirmation has been made at this point. Plus, competition in the US is fierce when it comes to wireless providers (as is the rest of Europe), so it’s possible that it will take Google some time to come up with the same plan on the other side of the pond.

A Big Move for Google

Google has long expressed interest into moving more deeply into wireless markets. By offering users direct wireless plans through Google and now offering international roaming at domestic rates, Google is making good in its word and plan to make a move into wireless territory.

All of this is really exciting for anyone that supports Google and its plans, and it also provides some stiff competition to Google competitors. As Google moves away from devices and towards things like International roaming plans, Google’s vision of the future becomes clearer.

Presumably, you’ll only be able to access the new international plan via Android, but more news will be announced by Google as plans progress.