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  • Google Treks: A Different Kind of Travel Photos
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Google Treks is kind of mind altering. Treks is something that Google came up with for the sake of fun and exploration, but it might just be the next phase of travel photography. But, let's back up a bit first. What is Treks, anyway?

Google Treks Explained

Google Treks is an extension of Google Maps. Instead of looks at street views through Google Maps, though, Treks brings viewers like you inside of really cool and interesting places - like the Galapagos Islands, for example. How does Google do this?

The company is hiring trekkers to explore the globe equipped with travel cameras and backpacks. These people then trek through a certain part of the world while filming amazing things for you to see. Google mashes it all together and takes the best photos to display on Treks. When you watch a Treks video, you feel as though you are actually exploring a place on your own. The whole thing is kind of surreal, and it's a great way to see what's out there.

Why Bother?

There is so much of our world that most of us never see. When was the last time you thought about looking at photos of the Amazon Basin, for example? I'm betting that thought has never actually crossed your mind, right? Well, you can see what you're missing with Treks. What's the difference between Google Treks and, say, National Geographic travel photos?

For one, Treks lets you experience the world in panoramic view. For another, Trek photos are displayed in wonderfully bright photographs that really impress. But, Treks does something else too. Google has added details about each place on Treks. These details include maps and other bits of information. You can click on a point on a Google Map, and you will be brought to the Google Maps view in addition to see it all through Google Treks. It is, really, one of the best ways to explore the world.

There's More

Google doesn't just show you regular photos that you could take on any trip through Treks. Google trekkers are asked to go to strange and unique places, so that you can really get a feeling of what it's like to be in a place at any given time. Some photos also include sounds, so you can really understand what it's like to stand somewhere that you've never been before.

If you have the time (or are just looking for a way to procrastinate at work), take a look at Google Treks. See what you are missing in the world, and view photos and images from a totally different perspective. Is Google Treks something that's absolutely necessary? Maybe not; but it's a really great idea coming from a really great company.

Interacting with photos and panoramic views is something that's relaxing, amazing, and a lot of fun. Would you use Treks? Have you checked out these photos? What have you found strikes you the most out of all the Treks pictures available? Is this a great idea?