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  • Google TV Coming Soon to Kansas City
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Rumors of an Apple TV (other than the current “Apple TV”) service have been circulating for some time now, but it looks like Google is about to beat Apple to the punch. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently reported that Google is currently in talks with some television service providers in the area, and that Google filed to be a video service company in the Kansas City area this past week. What does this mean for residents of Kansas City, Mo? Simply, Google is bound to be offering television packages in the area within the next month or two.

What kind of content Google will offer has yet to be seen, but this is a huge leap for Google. The search giant has really been spreading its wings lately, and now it looks as though television will be the next frontier that Google tries to offer. Kansas City beat out other areas within the United States when tested by Google, so those who live in the Kansas City area will have the first stab at the new Google TV service.

Google TV May Spread to Other Areas Too

According to a report on the topic by Mashable, Google may soon be looking to expand beyond Kansas City. Seemingly, the company is seeking out any areas where Verizon’s Fiber Optic Service (FIOS) exists. Deductively, Google TV might be heading to a city near you if Verizon is already offering FIOS services in that area. Really, the whole venture is quite exciting, and soon Google TV might be everywhere. Then again, one has to wonder if Google is spreading itself too thin.

It seems that Google is everywhere these days, and progression is always a positive thing for any tech company, but is Google in too many places at once? This is certainly a possibility, since too many ventures operating at once can be difficult for any parent company to control. On the flip side, Google has attempted to venture into the television racket before (some rumors did fly about a Google/Time Warner affiliation back in November, though nothing has panned out yet), so this isn’t completely unfamiliar territory.

Is Google Too Late?

Even though the thought of Google TV is interesting, some have viewed this recent news as a “too little, too late” situation. Apple did come before Google as far as the television industry is concerned, but Google just might learn from Apple’s mistakes. The two companies will forever be at each other’s throats (that’s just the nature of the beast, it seems), so it will be very fascinating to see which company comes out on top where television is concerned.

If you live in the Kansas City area, consider yourself luck – you get to test out Google’s latest venture first. Whether or not Google will succeed is something that remains to be seen, but I’m betting that Google gives it a strong go before pulling the plug (if the plug needs to be pulled at all, of course). If you have a chance to sign up for Google TV, give it a shot and let me know how it goes.