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  • Google TV Adds Voice Search
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Google TV is stepping up in the world. Recently, Google added a fun YouTube feature that allows users to film YouTube videos and post those videos directly to Google TV. Now, Google has developed voice search for Google TV. As you might imagine, talking to your phone or remote control makes searching for movies and shows a lot simpler. Well, Google is aiming to make Google TV so simple that it blows competitors out of the water. If you currently have Google TV, here’s what you need to know about the new voice feature.

Using Voice for Google TV: Simple, Straightforward, and User-Friendly

Google TV users can speak into a Magic Remote or use a compatible Android phone in order to conduct a search. When prompted, Google TV will search through Netflix, YouTube, and liveTV titles to find the show or movie that you’ve been looking for. Google TV will also search the Internet in order to find various queries. Currently, most Google TV competitors do not offer voice search, so Google has a real advantage with this new feature.

It’s a lot easier to search for specific content when talking to a remote control or Android phone. Google TV immediately showcases voice command results, and these results are quite accurate. Google TV is quickly catching up to competitors, in true Google style. Google has also created a PrimeTime Quick Guide that makes it a lot simpler to find the latest versions of popular TV shows and the best movies. Essentially, Google is constantly updating Google TV to ensure that the features included are unbeatable.

The PrimeTime Quick Guide is available in the form of an app. Right now, Google TV is compatible with LG’s Google TV. All of these new features will be available to Google TV users who have the LG Google TV later this week. If you happen to have the right LG TV and want to test out these features, let me know what you think. The one consistent thing about Google (as a company) is that all Google products are constantly updated and new features are consistently added. While other companies may allow certain product updates to fall by the wayside, this isn’t the case with Google.

If you’re considering purchasing a Google TV box, the retail price is currently $99. As far as that compatible LG TV goes, $1699 is the current price for the 47-inch version. This might seem like a hefty price to pay for Google TV, but Google TV is turning out to be one of the better options in this category – especially if you already have a compatible Android phone. What could be simpler than telling your TV remote what you want to watch or what you want to search for? Not much! Right now, Google TV is the only device of its kind on the market that provides a voice search feature. If you love the idea of simple voice search, check out what Google TV has to offer.