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  • Watch Out Siri, Google Voice Search for iOS is Here
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Not to be outdone by Apple’s Siri, Google has just created Google Voice Search – for iOS. That’s right, iPhone users, if you don’t have a Siri-equipped iPhone, you can just use Google’s version of Siri. Guess what? Google’s new Voice Search is free too. In fact, Google’s Voice Search works whenever you search for something using Google. Not only is Google’s new Voice practical, but it also sticks a rather big fork in Apple’s side. Google is essentially showing iPhone users that they don’t have to buy a new iPhone in order to use voice commands.

While Google Voice isn’t integrated into iOS, it is possible to download the Voice app. Google’s Voice also only works when you’re searching for something using Google, so it won’t let you know when you have an incoming text message or notify you when an event is about to happen. It will, however, make hands-free Internet browsing an option. Here’s how Google’s new Voice Search works.

Downloading and Using Google Voice Search

After downloading Google Search from the App Store, iOS users will be able to activate the Voice function quite simply. Towards the bottom of the Search app screen sits a microphone icon. Tapping on this icon will activate the Voice feature. From there, the microphone will turn a nice red color. When the microphone has been activated, you can then ask Google anything you want. For example: “what is the weather like in Samos, Greece?” Google will then tell you what the weather is currently like – no more typing to search or reading the answers, to simple questions.

If you search for something complex, like the meaning of life, Google Search will simply pull up a number of search hits. These links won’t be read to you, but you still won’t have to type. After testing, I found that Google’s Voice is amazingly accurate too. Google’s Voice also sounds a lot like Siri, but I just won’t go there. Google’s new Voice feature is still hot off the presses, so Google may add some more functions to the Voice feature in the near future. As with most things Google, this company tends to perfect all of its services and features until they are, well, perfect. So, it may just be a matter of time before you can ask Google Voice anything.

A Clear Interface Too

Google did a nice job with the Voice interface. Set against a crisp white screen, each word spoken is highlighted as you speak. To add to the clarity, Google’s Voice picks up on most of what is said. Whether or not you love or hate Google, Voice is a great feature for those who do not have Siri, and don’t want to spend lots of money on a new iPhone just to get the Siri feature.

When all is said and done, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Google’s Voice is a lot of fun, easy to use, and comes for free. If you like the idea of searching hands-free, make sure to check out Google Search in the Apple App Store now. Sure, Apple may have just gained some serious Siri competition on its own device, but competition of any kind is always healthy, is it not?