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  • Google's New Voice Messenger Service
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Google has just rolled out its voice calling messenger service. Google announced the new service not long ago, and the feature has just gone into action. Google's voice calling happens through Google Hangouts, which means that you can call one person or many people all at once. Here's what you need to know about Google's new voice calling feature.

Hangouts Effects Happening

Right now, Google offers some clever effects in Hangouts. Now that voice messaging has come along, those effects will be available through Google voice calling feature. Not only can you use those fun effects, but you can add voice calling to video calling and mix it all up for a ton of extra fun. Best of all, calls are free.

Google has made calls to the US or Canada completely free, no matter what country you place the call in. In other parts of the world, Google Hangouts calls are super cheap. So, really, it's worth it to use Hangouts to make a call no matter where you happen to be. But, Google has told press that the company isn't going to stop at voice calls through Hangouts.

Future Features to Come

Google representatives have stated that voice calling is just the tip of the iceberg. Google intends to add a number of new features to Hangouts, so that the service can really be the center of all things Google. It's really easy to call someone through Google Hangouts too.

To place a call, just click the call button next to a friend's name. From there, you can choose voice or video chat kind of like you would with Skype. Google reps have stated that this new feature will officially roll out over the next few days, and that Google will be offering additional features to come. Really, Google aims to make Hangouts indispensable.

What About Gmail?

If you currently use Gmail, you can check out the new voice calling system directly from your Gmail account too. Gmail accounts will now come with a call button that will connect you directly with anyone on your Gmail chat list. Don't have Gmail? The new voice feature also extends to a Chrome extension built for the new voice feature.

There are many different ways to use Google's new voice feature, and there's no doubt that Google will gain a few fans with this new option. However, I have to warn you, it's not always a good idea to hit that call button. Before you call someone on your Gmail chat list, make sure that person wants you to call - just a small rant. Sure, the button is there, but that doesn't mean that you should click it!

That said, Google's new voice feature will be a great alternative to services like Skype. Plus, since these calls are free, it will be simpler to call people around the world now that Google voice is here. Like Hangouts? Got Gmail? Want to use Chrome? You should see the new feature now. If it's not there, wait a few days, and it will show up.