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  • Google's New 'Who's Down' App
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Lives can get hectic especially around the holiday season. Trying to meet up with friends can be rough, and so can scheduling everything that you have to do. Instead of constantly looking at your calendar and then trying to fit some friends into your schedule, Google wants you to use the company’s newest app called ‘Who’s Down.’

How Who’s Down Works

Google’s new app lets you tell your friends when you are available. You can set a time limit (available for three hours, for example), and then simply move the toggle switch to the right to let people know that you are free. You can choose what you are free to do as well (hang out or workout or go to lunch, etc).

The thought behind this app is that you can easily let people know when you are available, so that you don’t have to constantly schedule things. All your friends have to do is look at your status to see what you are doing, and when you will be available next. Of course, with any app the challenge isn’t the app itself, but it’s whether or not you can get other people to use it.

Any Appeal?

Is there any real appeal to Google’s newest app? Do people really need an app in order to let others know when they are available, or is this an app that will quickly go to the app graveyard? The app also lets you know when other friends have picked an activity that is close to the one you are available to do. For example, if one of your friends has noted that they are available for lunch, and you are too, the app will let you know who is down to do the same thing.

I guess this app is useful if you want to do something like go to the gym, and you need a workout buddy (but don’t want to bother calling everyone you know). Otherwise, it’s kind of hard to see why or how someone would use this app often. On the other hand, there are people out there that have crazy schedules, and it can be hard to connect with them without going nuts trying to figure out a time that works for everyone.

Some Other Uses

The app has the potential to help large groups get more organized, and that’s a definite bonus to the app (if you happen to be an event or other type of group planner). So, there is some merit to the app but it depends on whether or not you might find a practical use for it - most people, I’m guessing, won’t.

Where to Get It

Right now, Google’s latest app is available through invite only, but will soon be available to both iOS and Android users. It will be interesting to see whether or not Google gets a lot of people to sign up for this app. Again, in order to use the app effectively you will have to have friends that use the app as well, and that could be trickier to do.