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  • Google Offering Work Suite Apps for Free
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Google really wants business owners to adopt the company’s Apps for Work Suite - so much so that Google is offering some companies the entire suite for free.

This limited time deal has been offered to some hand-picked companies that Google wants to adopt the various apps, and it comes at a great time too.

The Usual Costs

Presently, the cost for using Google’s Apps for Work Suite is $5 per person (this can get pricey depending on how many people are part of any given company). That $5 per month fee will get you the basic version of the apps suite. If you want the advanced version, that rate jumps to $10 per month - still a lot less than other work suites, but a high price to pay for a company that might be on the fence about Google and Google work products.

What is included in the Google work suite? If you sign up for this suite (or happen to get it for free this week), you’ll get Google Drive, Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail, and various other Google work apps. The free version of the suite is being offered to companies that are currently using other business suites. The deal is that Google will give select companies free access to the Google work suite for free for the remainder of the contract that a select company has with another work suite developer.

Google’s Biggest Office Competitor

Right now, Google’s biggest workplace competitor is Microsoft’s Office 365. That suite has long been the go-to suite for most larger companies, but Google wants to change that. Of course, it will take a lot for a company like Google to go after a company like Microsoft’s larger share of the core office suite business. Giving away work suite tools for free is a good start, but it may not work for all businesses.

It’s tough for any company (even Google) to pull business owners away from any program that is currently working well. For most business owners, once a suite has been integrated into a company’s culture, it’s hard to change that suite and switch to another option. This is the dilemma that Google will soon face too. The only way that most major companies will move from Microsoft’s 365 to Google’s array of work suite apps is if that company can save a lot of money - and that might be possible with Google’s lower rates.

How to Get the Free Trial

Google will give a free trial of its work app suite to any company currently locked into a contract with another work suite company (like Microsoft). To sign up for the tools, simply head to Google’s main website for more information. You should be able to sign up for the suite directly on the Google site, and you can use the tools as soon as you’ve handed over your company details.

If you’re not happy with your current work suite (or just want to see what Google has to offer), take a look at the Google work suite apps. You may just find that these apps are a lot easier to use than the tools that you are currently relying on.