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  • Google Chrome vs. Firefox 6
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Over the last ten years as millions of people have started using the Internet in their homes and businesses for the first time, the first browser of choice for many computer users (because it comes bundled with almost every computer) is Internet Explorer.

The love for Internet Explorer usually lasts for a few months but then people start to search for other browsers after experiencing the “quirks” that can come with using Internet Explorer. Since the internet is vast there are a variety of browsers to use but the two browsers that people gravitate to the most are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. These two browsers are great and will save anyone a lot of time but which one is better? This article will reveal the truth.

Google Chrome

Everyone is familiar with super internet giant Google thanks to their widely popular search engine but few people are familiar with their browser: Google Chrome. This browser is easy to download and installation takes just a few seconds.

Unlike Internet Explorer, Google Chrome is a stripped down browser that doesn’t suffer from the same issues that make IE run slower, it launches quickly and makes visiting different websites, using internet based applications, viewing online video or pictures easier than you ever imagined.

With Google Chrome any computer user can easily bookmark and save websites that they want to use later. This browser also lets you open up multiple tabs and easily arrange them in the order that you wish plus Google offers a huge amount of easy to use add-ons like page translation, browser themes, incognito mode (so your history won’t be recorded) and so much more.

Google Chrome is also very safe and secure thanks to its built in anti-virus and malware protection that helps to keep its users safe. For example: when you accidently visit a phishing website using Google Chrome the page will not be displayed, instead, a warning page will be displayed which will let you know that you better click the back arrow or else risk ruining your computer. В 

This browser is also updated periodically via auto-updates and it’s quickly becoming the browser of choice for many internet users who are sick of using Internet Explorer.

Mozilla Firefox

Over the last few years Firefox has quietly been building a loyal group of users who enjoy their browser. As with Google Chrome this browser is also very easy to install and use on any computer and it offers similar features В like easy navigation, a simple menu that makes it easy to find book marks, app tabs that let you easily keep the websites that you keep frequently open and so much more.

One of the cool things about Firefox is that they are constantly updating and improving their browser and with Firefox6 they’ve taken it to another level by adding more interactive features that make Firefox easier for novice and advanced internet users.

Some of the best features that Firefox offers are easy search, organization tools to help you track information that’s important to you plus lots of security features which guarantee that you’re always going to be able to browse safely and secure.

When you match up Google Chrome and Firefox against each other both browsers match up very well but Google Chrome appears to be the winner because Google has been focusing on the stability of their browser compared to periodically releasing new versions that are light on stability and heavy on cool features. В