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  • Google Googles -- Really, It Does.
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Google already revolutionized the way that you search. Before Google existed, finding information on the Internet was tricky. Now, Google is taking cell phone searching ten steps further. Google Googles is an app that will blow all you know about conducting a cell phone search out of the proverbial waters.

To put it mildly, searching for anything with Google Googles is a fun and effortless experience. To add some spice, Google Googles really knows its target market. If you have an android phone, that target market is you, and we’re betting that you won’t be able to live without Google Googles once you read through this post!

Google Googles Basics

Snapping a photograph of something with your cell phone is simple. Snapping a photograph of something with your cell phone as a form of search is also easy. Many apps of this type exist. In case you aren’t following, in order to gain information about any object (a book, for example), if you have the right app all you have to do is point and click.

Once that photo has been taken, information about the object you shot will pop up on your phone. Google Googles provides visual search technology as well. Yet, in true Google fashion, the search giant takes visualization to a whole new level.

On Google’s Level

Apps that search based upon a product’s name are useful. But, Google Googles doesn’t just search for products. Google Googles searches for anything. Say, for example, you snapped a picture of the Grand Canyon. Google Googles would then send you all the information it can find about the Grand Canyon.

Google Googles also has text recognition abilities. So, just point your phone at some text, and Google Googles will gather all of the necessary information in a nice and neat folder. This app can also help you out if you are lost and looking for something nearby. Just take a picture of your current location, and Google Googles will send you details about restaurants, cafes, and other locations near to you.

Some Drawbacks

Google Googles is a cell phone searcher’s dream. Searchers are made easy, information is at your fingertips, and you don’t even have to type a word into a search bar in order to gain valuable details. Yet, as most apps do, Google Googles does have some limitations. The most bothersome of these is that you have to take a nearly perfect picture to start a search.

Since Google Googles has to gather as many details about an object as possible, the photo that you snap needs to be relatively clear. Some may also find that Google Google’s lack of ability to recognize animals or textiles frustrating. These minor things aside, Google Googles is the perfect search tool for busy cell phone users. As Google continues to iron out some kinks, Google Googles is still a valuable tool that you’ll love to have on your side.

Note: at the time of this writing, Google Googles still had a few problems. We have no doubt that Google will iron out these problems within the near future. At that time, Google Googles will be a nearly perfect app.