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  • Google+ Multi Administrator Pages Coming Soon
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When Google Plus first came out, millions flocked to join a social network that wasn’t Facebook. Then, something happened. Those millions of people slowly started to move away from G+ for various reasons. One of those reasons was that setting up a company page wasn’t possible. When Google finally made company pages a possibility, people decided to use Google Plus again. Then, something else happened. Social media administrators became frustrated that only one person could access a Google Plus account at one time.

If you work in the social media world, you know how frustrating this can be. It is not realistic to have a social media site that only one person can access. Now, Google has heard these complaints, and the company has told press that it plans on allowing multiple administrators to use business pages sometime within the next year or so. A definite date has not yet been announced. For obvious reasons, social media experts throughout the globe rejoiced when hearing this news. Only, one has to wonder, is allowing multiple administrators to control a Google Plus account enough?

Why Google Plus Still Isn’t Up to Par

Google Plus is tough to get used to. This social network requires that users climb a somewhat steep learning curve in order to use the site. Once a page has been set up, it is possible to create a business page, but this is no walk in the park. In order to add businesses to your own business page, you must first get the word out. If people don’t add you to their business circles, you will have a hard time gaining followers. Many businesses currently have G+ pages, but a lot of these businesses don’t know how to use the site effectively.

In order to get people to add your brand to their circles, you must advertise. How are you going to do this? Why, through other social media networks, of course. The other irritating thing about Google brand pages it he URL that Google provides businesses with. This large and ugly URL will lead people to your website, but it’s not the most attractive thing to put on your site or any other page. Of course, you can add a G+ button if you so desire.

Some Positive Things

Google isn’t big on customization options when it comes to Google Plus. However, you can remove some unwanted tabs from your profile easily enough. Another decent feature is the ability to add a Google Plus button to your blog or homepage. This button is a cinch to install, since Google provides users with simple code, and installing a G+ button will allow you to connect to Google Direct Connect, which links any Google search for your brand with your Google Plus homepage (one way to add people to your circles).

It’s also possible to hide the number of people who are currently following you on Google Plus. If you don’t’ want people to know that you only have one follower, they will be none the wise when you create your page. These few customization options make Google Plus an interesting tool to use, but the site could use some more polish – starting with that multi-administrator option.