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  • G+ Management Through Third Parties
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If you use Google Plus, you might have wondered when this social network will catch up with all the rest. Interface woes aside, Google Plus is a pain to manage simply because you can’t use TweetDeck or Hootsuite to control a Google Plus account – until now. While TweetDeck is still not part of the G+ picture, Google has announced that the company is working with some third party apps to make controlling a G+ account easier.

This is welcome news to anyone who runs a social media campaign or two. After all, it’s tough to switch from using TweetDeck or some other third party app to the Google Plus page just to keep up with what’s happening. Sure, Google integrates all G+ updates in that top corner right-hand side of your browser, but that’s not nearly enough. So, how do you get started with the new third-party apps and where can you sign up? Here are some details.

The Apps

The apps that Google has chosen to work with thus far include Hootsuite, Buddy Media, and Involver. Never heard of those last two? These are relatively unknown apps that can help you control social media, but (in my opinion) don’t stand up to TweetDeck or Hootsuite. If you use one of any of these apps, you might be contacted to test out the new Google Plus third-party service, but this option will be reserved for a small beta group for now.

Presumably, controlling a Google Plus account from an app such as Hootsuite will mean that you can post to circles, keep up with feeds, and do some other necessary things. This is a logical step for Google to take, since almost all other social networks can be controlled from third-party accounts, and it is certainly easier to keep track of all social network happenings with the help of a handy app. Once again, I’m sad that TweetDeck is not part of this launch, but this could be largely in part due to the fact that Hootsuite has played a large hand in helping Google Plus set up the third-party app option.

Wide Availability

I’ve already mentioned that you have to be asked to join this exclusive beta group, but when will the app availability be ready for the rest of the social media world? I’m guessing that it will take Google awhile to let everyone in on the third-party app secret. I’m also guessing that Hootsuite may be able to claim its original third-party crown back from TweetDeck if the Google Plus platform genuinely takes off.

Google has always been slow when it comes to letting the general public in on a beta plan. Just look at the launch of Google Plus, for example. In short, don’t hold your breath if you’re looking to control a G+ account from a third-party app. You might be waiting a few months, at least. Still, it’s nice to know that Google is finally beginning to grasp the business side of social networking platforms.