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  • The Schwinn CycleNav For Cyclists Just Works
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A while back at the CES conference, a company called Schwinn showcased a GPS unit for bicycles. The Schwinn CycleNav GPS is something that’s refreshingly new, simple, and really just works. If you ride a bicycle often, this is a gadget that you may want to think about purchasing.

How the Schwinn CycleNav Works

The CycleNav connects with any iOS or Android phone that’s Bluetooth ready. To use the CycleNav, you have to download the appropriate app for your phone, plug in your coordinates, and the CycleNav will direct you. How? The CycleNav sits on top of your handlebars, and lights flash when you need to turn in a certain direction.

For example: if you have a right turn coming up, the CycleNav’s right light will flash. This indicates that your turn is approaching. The CycleNav also speaks when you need to turn, just like an in-car GPS system. In addition, the CycleNav app lets you choose which route you want to take.

When you enter a route into your phone app, you can also include any stops that you want to make. As soon as you select a route, the CycleNav is ready to roll. This device works seamlessly, and it’s a great way to find out where you’re going when you’re on a bicycle.

Other Details

In addition to the route map and GPS instructions, the app also provides a calorie burned estimate, allows you to stop along your route (points out various spots of interest), and works when your phone is in standby mode. So, really, it’s the best option out there for a bicycle GPS. In fact, it might be the only bicycle navigation system available that’s not part of a smartphone app. Looking at your phone while cycling can be hazardous, and the CycleNav device makes it a lot simpler.

Schwinn has thought out this device completely. Additions like being able to push a repeat button when you’ve missed a direction are really nice to have. In fact, some car navigation companies could take a tip of two from Schwinn! This device can be recharged easily with the included adaptor, and it lasts up to ten hours. Sound good? If you want to get your hands on this bicycle navigation system, check out the Schwinn website.

Where to Buy

The Schwinn CycleNav app can be purchased at a number of big name stores like Canadian Tire, Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, Kmart, and many others. The device retails for around $50. If you ride your bicycle a lot and find yourself lost a lot, this device is a great option. There are a few others on the market, but none are made by a bicycle company, and that puts this device first in my book.

If you ride a bicycle regularly, do you use a GPS system? Does Schwinn’s CycleNav seem to make good sense to you? I think that the light system used here is the way to go, but I’d love to hear what other cyclists think – sound off!