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  • Grand Theft Auto: Coming to a Phone Near You
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Grand Theft Auto was first developed in 1997. Since the game’s original release date, Grand Theft Auto has become iconic. Just yesterday, the Rockstar gaming company announced that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will soon be available on both iOS and Android. This is big news for any Grand Theft fan. The game may also entice new fans who haven’t had the chance to become addicted to Grand Theft yet.

Rockstar Games isn’t releasing too much information right now, but fans can expect a version of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for iOS and Android to appear later this fall. Whether or not the company plans to develop a Windows 8 version of the game remains to be seen. Never had the chance to get your hands on a Grand Theft game? Have no idea why this game was so popular? Here’s a rundown of what you can expect when Grand Theft Auto: Vice City hits the Google and Apple stores later this fall.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Synopsis

This version of Grand Theft Auto was released for PlayStation 2 in 2002. The city where the game takes place, Vice City, was based on Miami, and drew a lot of controversy at the time based on the similarities between Vice City and Miami. The story involves a Mafia member, Tommy Vercetti, was has jut been released from prison. Tommy’s mission in the game is to build a massive criminal empire. Players have the chance to steal all kinds of vehicles ranging from cars to boats, and to participate in other gang-related crimes. The whole time, players must also learn to dodge the police.

The game is highly addictive and can be a lot of fun. How Grand Theft Auto will be adapted for iOS and Android remains to be seen, however. While the PlayStation (and later Xbox) games take advantage of full screens and plenty of details, the graphics that make Grand Theft Auto so great may not translate to Android and iOS platforms wonderfully. Then again, Rockstar Games is sure to work on these details, so that the game is just as good on a smartphone as it was on regular gaming consoles.

Pricing and Other Details

It’s highly unlikely that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be available for free. It’s more likely that this game will be sold at a rate comparable to other iOS and Android games available. Like many other companies that once created major console game hits, Rockstar Games is hoping to generate some new interest by bringing Grand Theft Auto to iOS and Android. Seemingly, gamers who once popped discs in consoles are now on the go with smartphones. Will companies like Rockstar Games (Nintendo and Atari too) be able to make the leap from console to smartphone successfully?

It will be interesting to see if Grand Theft Auto: Vice City generates iOS and Android interest – and if other gaming companies will enjoy the same success. Look for the game later this fall, which is really just a matter of weeks.